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Some new recipes

For those of you who’ve been following our family blog but haven’t seen the new recipes I’ve put on my Homemaking Blog, I’ve recently posted a few more recipes and am going to try to stay a bit more consistent … Continue reading

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Buttercream Frosting

I’m looking for a good buttercream frosting recipe. The recipes that I’ve been using for the frosting for my birthday cakes, I’ve not liked very well. I need a recipe that is really tasty, not too sweet, and stiff enough … Continue reading

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The Shelves are Done!

  On Chris’ day off, Labor Day. He worked on finishing up these wonderful shelves for our bedroom. I LOVE them! In fact, I like them so much, they make me want to do laundry! What more could you ask … Continue reading

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Homemaking Posts

Have you all checked out my Homemaking Blog this week? We’ve been on a roll! I started out the week by finally posting the yummy Jambalaya Recipe that I tried several weeks ago! Then I posted a fun pictorial of … Continue reading

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Some yummy pastries

I have added some new recipes to my Homemaking Blog, as well as an update on our flourishing garden. I sure hope we can garden every year, it has been so much fun! I think that next year we would … Continue reading

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And our homemade ice cream…

Lot’s of fun, and so tasty! Check out my post on my homemaking blog.

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What’s for dinner tonight?

We are going to be having Jambalaya for dinner tonight. It’s a mild recipe (or at least I am going to make it mild, the boys don’t like too much spice), with chicken and sausage. The recipe sounded so good … Continue reading

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Speaking of, I think I can…

It’s been…let’s just say it’s been awhile, since I posted a recipe on my Homemaking blog. But tonight I was inspired by chocolate. And I thought I would share the love around. Here’s a teaser… Tomorrow I hope to post … Continue reading

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Recipes: Pot Roast, Whole Wheat Cookies and More!

It’s been awhile since I posted links to my latest recipes so, here they are! It’s been getting colder and we are always up for a hearty Pot Roast with Vegetables when it’s cold. You might have a side salad … Continue reading

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