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Whittling Away the final Minutes of 2014

My last little endeavor of the year, making some furniture for the little painted dolls I made the kids for Christmas. They love them but lets be honest, I think I like them better than they do. ;) Here’s this … Continue reading

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Just wait until they’re 15, your teen will be horrible!

What is it with people? The other day a guy came over to pick up something free I offered on freecycle. He was commenting on all the bikes in the yard and we were laughing about how they grow from … Continue reading

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Prepping for a new season…summers just around the corner!

This is a picture of Cait two summers ago when she had mono. If you want you can click on the picture, there are a bunch more of her with that horrible rash. Makes me so thankful to be through … Continue reading

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Facing the Impossible

Do you ever find yourself thinking about something looming in the distance? Something that seems so big, too big? If you really think about it, you know it’s not impossible, but it seems to be. For me those “impossibles” often … Continue reading

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A good reason to get a new camera

I should not have to say much after this picture, but I will. We got a new camera this week, a Canon Rebel T3, and I couldn’t be more happy with it! It’s our first Digital SLR camera and has … Continue reading

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How Can You Justify Having SO Many Kids?!

Today was not unlike many other days at Walmart. Victoria in the cart seat, Connor in the basket with all the items we were going to buy, and the other four in line behind me, Cait closest to me and … Continue reading

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Can someone slow this thing down, please?

Our sweet little girl was born a little over five weeks ago and I keep thinking, okay, after this week of ___________ things will start to slow down. First I was thinking, after the house gets done, then after the … Continue reading

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Homebirths-so glad I live in Washington!

Rain Garden, a mommy blog I read, wrote an interesting article on politics and homebirths. Did you know that 13 of our wonderful states do not allow homebirths, in fact they prosecute and jail the midwives who perform them? I … Continue reading

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New Years Resolutions

Well, I have a lot of them but here are just a few… 1. Keep my husband at the top of my priority list, with 4 small kids this can be a challenge at times but I want this year … Continue reading

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Another small prayer request…

Most of you know we are leaving for Hawaii in a week, and Guenna is teething :( All four of her eye teeth are coming in right now. And all of you moms know that it takes awhile so she … Continue reading

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A fun little question for you :)

My friend Roberta does something that I think is really fun, she asks two questions on Tuesdays and calls it Tuesday Two. I think it’s a great idea and a fun way to get to know each other better. I … Continue reading

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Daddy won a prize.

Daddy won an Ant Farm at the Homeschool Conference from Timberdoodle. After looking around online they really do have the lowest price I could find. $24 for the ant farm and illuminated base together.

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A funny car commercial

This commercial made us laugh.

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Qumana test

Seeing how this will work Not sure if I like how it creates html code. How does it look?

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