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Sick Days

I like to bring my kids with me to the store (actually “like” is a relative term, some days I like to bring the kids to the store with me, some days I wish we had all stayed home and … Continue reading

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Babies, babies, everywhere!

Well, I haven’t made an official announcement on my blog yet. But the title might give it away if you know me very well, or at least know my history of having babies. Yes, it’s true. We are going to … Continue reading

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We’ve been in a seemingly rather long season, I call this season…hmmm…not chaos, change? The other day I was thinking about why it’s been so hard for me to blog there are a few reasons. 1. Facebook-robs pretty much all … Continue reading

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Can someone slow this thing down, please?

Our sweet little girl was born a little over five weeks ago and I keep thinking, okay, after this week of ___________ things will start to slow down. First I was thinking, after the house gets done, then after the … Continue reading

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Birth Story of Victoria Jael, part 1

Nearly every mom who’s given birth can understand the concept that “birth is a journey.” For me anyway, each birth is a unique experience, and pregnancy, labor, and delivery are all part of God’s refining moments in my journey of … Continue reading

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A few things to do before baby comes

Every time I have a baby, I make up a long list of things to do before the baby comes. It helps me focus my nesting instincts and gives me something to do while I’m waiting for the baby to … Continue reading

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Multiple Children, a blessing from God

Here was the scenario the other day, sitting at the lunch table with all the kids: Cait was throwing a fit about something. She’s developed an aversion to the word, “no.” I’m not exactly sure what I was telling her … Continue reading

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Why it’s so important to ask your child’s forgiveness

Yesterday would not be one of those days that I would entitle, “I was a really good mom today” day. Well, at least part of the day wasn’t. Breakfast was finished (I had made my kids Mickey Mouse waffles, Aidan … Continue reading

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I can’t believe it!

Today we had our 20 week ultrasound for the baby. We’ve done this with every baby. Both Chris and I love to see the baby, just one little peak at the baby before he/she is born. We were so good … Continue reading

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16 weeks, but not really counting ;)

This is the first time that I have been pregnant and too tired to care how far along I am. I usually have to force myself not to look at the calendar several times a week only to see that … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Mother’s Heart

I’m drinking a cup of tea. Not coffee, I would normally drink a cup of coffee with chocolate syrup and cream on a night like tonight. But I am a good girl. Okay that is not totally true. I’m drinking … Continue reading

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Learning lessons in Cheerfulness

I’ve been doing a “Cheerful Chart” for my kids this past week and again this week, it has been a learning and eye-opening experience for all of us. Today Aidan was talking to a lady at he grocery store, she … Continue reading

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Hard Times…

As of last night it looks like I’m having a miscarriage. I started bleeding last night around 10:00 and was feeling pretty weak today because I’ve lost so much blood so Chris is taking the day off to be with … Continue reading

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Babies, babies!

For those of you who were not able to watch the video we posted, and are just dying to know what our news is, we are expecting again! My due date is June 19th (my sister’s birthday), so I’m only … Continue reading

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More Thoughts about Grandpa Burns

We’re really flying! Originally uploaded by Chris and Jenni. When Chris and I got married, as many of you know, we wasted no time with the babies. I have always wanted to have boys, and Chris has always wanted to … Continue reading

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