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10 weeks – it’s a baby!!

  Today I had my first midwife appointment, great to talk to my wonderful midwife Michelle, chat with her about this pregnancy a bit, share my concerns with her about my 8th birth, 10th pregnancy. We also chatted about this … Continue reading

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What kind of mommy are you?

Last night I was working with Guenna helping her learn how to use her new mini sewing machine she got for Christmas from someone special :) She had almost finished her mini pillow she made for her baby doll “Jack” … Continue reading

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Dishes? What dishes?!

The last two nights the girls have been doing the dishes. It’s another one of those chores that I’ve just felt it was easier to do myself, (what was I thinking?) Or to let my mom do, she’s pretty good … Continue reading

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Laundry, maybe I don’t loathe you quite so much?

Tonight I am thankful for my big boys, they are getting to be pretty capable young men (Aidan told Chris and I at the table tonight that he wants to get a job cleaning houses-isn’t he precious, he only needs … Continue reading

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Two weeks already?!

I was asking Chris to get a picture of Jack and I up close, isn’t this cute? Hey, what are you doing here? We are trying to get a picture of our faces bud! Oh, I see! I guess you … Continue reading

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Out with the old…in with the new?

Okay, first of all, is this not the sassiest picture ever? Victoria is full of silly facial expressions and I’m just glad we were able to capture this one! Cait is sitting to her right, I think she was taunting … Continue reading

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Okay, time to make my To-Do List!

I’ve put it off long enough, and this time I’ve even had my sweet husband asking me to make “him” a to-do list. I think my post yesterday has helped me identify my strange inward feelings this pregnancy and I’ve … Continue reading

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Birthing Center or Home Birth…the Question.

So being 36 1/2 weeks, and now knowing that I wont have to have the baby in the hospital has got me to thinking about the nearly imminent birth of our babe. I try not to think too much about … Continue reading

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36 Weeks Pregnant, Early Mother’s Day Present

If I could have asked for a gift from one of my children for Mother’s Day, I think this baby figured it out :) I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out my little man is no longer breech, but … Continue reading

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35 weeks 2 days Pregnant – Update

Had my 35 week prenatal appointment today with my midwife. I was hoping to hear her say something like, “Oh it looks like your baby is head down!” But I was doubtful that she was going to say that because … Continue reading

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34 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, but who’s counting?

Six weeks left until my due date! It’s hard to believe that I’m that close, although delivery still feels very far away! I know in my mind it’s not but it feels that way, and the last few weeks always … Continue reading

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Reconciliation with our children, how important is this?

I know I don’t usually start out my posts with a scripture, but please take a moment a think on this scripture in 1 Corinthians. 1 Corinthian 5: 17-21 “17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has … Continue reading

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So…is it a girl, or a boy? Inquiring minds…

All the kids decided they would rather stay and play at nana Joan’s than go to our ultrasound appointment, to be honest I was a little surprised but I really can’t blame them ;) And we were happy to have … Continue reading

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Facing the Impossible

Do you ever find yourself thinking about something looming in the distance? Something that seems so big, too big? If you really think about it, you know it’s not impossible, but it seems to be. For me those “impossibles” often … Continue reading

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How Can You Justify Having SO Many Kids?!

Today was not unlike many other days at Walmart. Victoria in the cart seat, Connor in the basket with all the items we were going to buy, and the other four in line behind me, Cait closest to me and … Continue reading

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