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You’re ON babe!

So apparently my husband (some of you may remember him?) he actually started this blog before we got married 12 years ago, and um well, I think he hasn’t posted on this blog for nearly ages. But that’s okay, I … Continue reading

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So…is it a girl, or a boy? Inquiring minds…

All the kids decided they would rather stay and play at nana Joan’s than go to our ultrasound appointment, to be honest I was a little surprised but I really can’t blame them ;) And we were happy to have … Continue reading

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So Blessed; a Night of Missing My Best Friend

Tonight I’m missing my best friend. He’s at a men’s retreat and I’m going to sleep in a cold bed by myself. I was thinking about how blessed I am. About how blessed we are. God has been so good … Continue reading

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Six Years, and four babies and we’ve still got the heat!

Remembering that day, it was so surreal. The anticipation, our first kiss, discovering a what it means to be man and wife. There is so much joy and excitement and newness in the long awaited wedding day. Six years later, … Continue reading

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Hard Times…

As of last night it looks like I’m having a miscarriage. I started bleeding last night around 10:00 and was feeling pretty weak today because I’ve lost so much blood so Chris is taking the day off to be with … Continue reading

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My thought for the night

I’m not an expert on men, but I do have a husband who’s a pretty good communicator and with whom I am learning to communicate better with each day. The longer I’ve been married the more I realize how important … Continue reading

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I’m so blessed

I know that I have a good husband. Today he worked for 8 hours, then he came home and we ate dinner and then he sent me and Cait off on a date so I could have a little quiet … Continue reading

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Some pictures from our Anniversary Date

It’s so great to get away with the love of your life and reconnect for a whole weekend. We were thinking we would stay up late and hang out and watch a movie but shortly after I did my post … Continue reading

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Book recomendations – Trapp Family Singers,

Jenni and I are having alot of fun reading my Christmas present, “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers” It is so much better than the movie. We just finished the first half. I highly recomend it. It has had … Continue reading

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In the arms of my love…

This week has been a hard and emotional week for me. I wont go into the details but this coming season of holidays is one of the first I have not really looked forward to. Last night (among other nights … Continue reading

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