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Connor has reached the “age of randomness”

I love the age “4”. There is something so special and unique about 4-year-olds. They have come out of the phase of baby talk, but haven’t entered the age of logic and reason completely. They often blurt out what is … Continue reading

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Kids…you can never have too many!

If you know me, or have read my blog for long you may have gotten the idea that I like kids. We have seven, so I guess that’s a good thing. I partially convinced my husband to get me goats … Continue reading

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You know your kids are homeschooled when…

…when you overhear your oldest child saying to his younger siblings, “okay, everyone get a piece of paper and pencil and go to the table, I’m going to teach you all how to draw 3D shapes,” and they all do … Continue reading

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Out with the old…in with the new?

Okay, first of all, is this not the sassiest picture ever? Victoria is full of silly facial expressions and I’m just glad we were able to capture this one! Cait is sitting to her right, I think she was taunting … Continue reading

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Why the name “Jack”?

Some of you have asked why we picked the name “Jack” for our baby boy? So I thought I would write it down for memory’s sake. Since we announced that we were expecting another baby to our children, Connor was … Continue reading

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So…is it a girl, or a boy? Inquiring minds…

All the kids decided they would rather stay and play at nana Joan’s than go to our ultrasound appointment, to be honest I was a little surprised but I really can’t blame them ;) And we were happy to have … Continue reading

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Sick Days

I like to bring my kids with me to the store (actually “like” is a relative term, some days I like to bring the kids to the store with me, some days I wish we had all stayed home and … Continue reading

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My Little Dreamer, or should I say – “My Big Dreamer!”

As far back as I can remember, I think he was two, Aidan has been talking about his wife to be. He used to have an imaginary wife whom he named (she had a few different names as time went … Continue reading

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Guenna and Aidan on Fictional Characters…

Guenna is random. she will speak her mind as soon as she thinks it. Sometimes we can anticipate what she’s going to say in public and draw her away or cover her mouth, other times we are caught off guard, … Continue reading

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When Life isn’t fair-part 2

When life isn’t fair…don’t take it out on your kids. I could just leave it at that, we all know how easy it is to experience pressure in life, and when the pressure is on we feel the need to … Continue reading

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Before I forget…

The other day I was sitting at the table with the kids, finishing up our breakfast. We were talking about moving, the kids are very excited about the possibility of moving to a larger home. So here was the conversation … Continue reading

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Love Your Sister!!!

Since we’ve gone indoors for the winter :) we have experienced a little strife between the brotherhood. “Little” is somewhat of an understatement.  Last night I did not scream at my kids, but almost. I did threaten to tape their … Continue reading

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Sweet boys…

Last night, after a long day of shopping and errand running with my sister and our babies, I was sitting on the couch half asleep. Eamon came up to me and said the sweetest thing, it was one of those … Continue reading

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Upside Down Babies

Yesterday I was explaining to the boys that my midwife is going to check tonight to make sure that our baby is head down. Of course they wanted to know why and I explained it to them. Then this morning … Continue reading

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More sick days

This morning I woke up to a delightfully back to normal knee, no tears or breaks I’m sure! Thank you Lord! But when I stood up I realized that I was feeling awfully queazy, it was only 5:00, maybe I … Continue reading

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