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What kind of mommy are you?

Last night I was working with Guenna helping her learn how to use her new mini sewing machine she got for Christmas from someone special :) She had almost finished her mini pillow she made for her baby doll “Jack” … Continue reading

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Dishes? What dishes?!

The last two nights the girls have been doing the dishes. It’s another one of those chores that I’ve just felt it was easier to do myself, (what was I thinking?) Or to let my mom do, she’s pretty good … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Guenevere Grace!! March 15th

My little Guenevere is FOUR! How did that happen so fast?! Just a few days after we bought our house she was three and just potty training! Now she is four and so much has happened in her precious life … Continue reading

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An Oasis in the Desert

See those precious eyes? This little man is an enormous blessing to me these days. He is like medicine to my weary body. Yesterday was a hard day for me. I was crying and holding my baby, I looked down … Continue reading

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Guenna and Aidan on Fictional Characters…

Guenna is random. she will speak her mind as soon as she thinks it. Sometimes we can anticipate what she’s going to say in public and draw her away or cover her mouth, other times we are caught off guard, … Continue reading

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Settling In

It’s been a few days since we moved in with Chris’ parents and it’s taking some adjusting but we are getting there. It’s always a challenge (no matter how wonderful your in-laws may be) to figure out life, living with … Continue reading

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Love Your Sister!!!

Since we’ve gone indoors for the winter :) we have experienced a little strife between the brotherhood. “Little” is somewhat of an understatement.  Last night I did not scream at my kids, but almost. I did threaten to tape their … Continue reading

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Guenna’s new hair style…

Lately I have been braiding Guenna’s hair on the side like this but without the little braids. But half way through the day she has these little wispy hairs that drive her nuts, I either have to re-braid her hair … Continue reading

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Puppy Dog Ears?!

Yesterday someone described my daughter’s hair as “puppy dog ears.” To be honest, there was little part of me that was a little offended. This morning though I realized I was thinking about the comment again and then had to … Continue reading

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Girls Are Complicated

My life has changed dramatically in the past couple years. Guenevere just turned 2 1/2 years old, and boy does she give Chris and I a run for our money. She’s a smart one and VERY persistent. When the boys … Continue reading

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More sick days

This morning I woke up to a delightfully back to normal knee, no tears or breaks I’m sure! Thank you Lord! But when I stood up I realized that I was feeling awfully queazy, it was only 5:00, maybe I … Continue reading

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Who’s Who?

Sitting at the table this morning during breakfast Guenna decided to let us all know what she thought of some of us.  She said… “Daddy’s a man…mommy’s a monster…Guenna’s a princess!” (first two phrases spoken with somewhat of a contemplative … Continue reading

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Let’s have “Birthday Cait!”

Happy Birthday Dear Cait! from Chris and Jenni on Vimeo. Guenna made the realization that whenever we were saying “birthday cake” we were actually saying “birthday Cait” So for awhile she was calling Cait “birthday Cait” as if that was … Continue reading

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Enjoying the sunset together

Aren’t they just cute?! They are so cooperative! :)

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Wild Hair Day!

Mommy – “Oh Guenna, mommy needs to get you a pony tail holder, your hair is wild today!” Aidan – Sounding just a bit defensive, said matter-of-factly, “That’s just part of being a lady.” I took this picture right after … Continue reading

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