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Entering a new era (aka “Life”)

First off I want to take a minute to applaud, myself. This is the third blog post I’ve done in less than 2 weeks. ;) Insert cheering…crowd going wild with excitement and a bow by yours truly.  ***Enter baby, crying … Continue reading

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Life is just hard sometimes

Lately, I have had this knot in my stomach. It just doesn’t want to go away. Without going into all the details, it has to do with a leaky roof and the damage from that leaky roof. Eventually we will … Continue reading

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Rasar St Park…Oops

We just recently bought a fancy new trailer to haul the two littlest (growing heavier by the minute) children. We haven’t done very many bike rides this summer, probably mostly because it’s just been too darned hot! So this cooler … Continue reading

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Games and Riddles

If you like riddles, here is a fun one we did with the kids. Can you figure it out? Sidenote for those of you who might be confused about the J – Jack picked J, there wasn’t a J in … Continue reading

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An Era without a Stroller? Huh?

I keep waiting for life to slow down a bit, then I will blog more. But it’s just not happening. In fact I feel as though we are picking up speed and moving forward…wait did I just say moving “FORWARD”? … Continue reading

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Writers Block

At the beginning of last year I had decided I was going to blog more. We’ve had this blog for 13+ years and over the years I’ve done a pretty good job keeping up a chronicle of the days of … Continue reading

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Another open workspace

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Just wait until they’re 15, your teen will be horrible!

What is it with people? The other day a guy came over to pick up something free I offered on freecycle. He was commenting on all the bikes in the yard and we were laughing about how they grow from … Continue reading

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Winter…Spring…Summer…oops I forgot to blog

Life. It just doesn’t stop going 100 mph! I can’t believe I haven’t blogged since last December. I would like to stop time for a few weeks. Freeze my children and my animals and take a couple of weeks to … Continue reading

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Going Deeper

Aidan has always been a deep well. A thinking child, kind of an “old soul” as some say. He has deep convictions, and fears, he feels great empathy as well as hurt when he is wronged, he has a deep … Continue reading

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Summer…is it over already?!

We’ve had a lovely summer, with very little drama. Victoria is still going through nearly daily counseling over the loss of her princess shoe over the cliff when we went on a little hike at New Halem, but other than … Continue reading

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Aidan’s braces – phase 2

It’s been a month since Aidan got his braces put on and it’s looking like that big tooth in the front has already moved back a little so that’s encouraging! Yesterday he got two more braces put on. During the … Continue reading

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A New Year…okay, let’s do this!

Last year was amazing, but I am always really excited for the new year. Does anyone else feel when a new year starts it’s like cleaning your slate? Why can’t I feel that way every month? I guess I could, … Continue reading

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Just trying something new :)

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What if…

…I’ve had so many thoughts rolling around in my heart these past few days, thinking about my grandma, thinking about her going home to be with the Lord soon, thinking about her life, about how much she is loved, about … Continue reading

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