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Entering a new era (aka “Life”)

First off I want to take a minute to applaud, myself. This is the third blog post I’ve done in less than 2 weeks. ;) Insert cheering…crowd going wild with excitement and a bow by yours truly.  ***Enter baby, crying … Continue reading

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Laundry, maybe I don’t loathe you quite so much?

Tonight I am thankful for my big boys, they are getting to be pretty capable young men (Aidan told Chris and I at the table tonight that he wants to get a job cleaning houses-isn’t he precious, he only needs … Continue reading

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Reading…and cats sometimes don’t go hand in hand.

I think our kitty Jessie needs some of her own babies. She has the insatiable desire to bathe any and everyone who will sit still long enough for her to get a few licks in. If I’m not paying close … Continue reading

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From one of my precious little piglets…

The other day I was working away at the counter, probably making lunch or something. The kids were busy drawing at the other side of the counter, and I hadn’t noticed that they were drawing “secret” little pictures and cards, … Continue reading

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Handsome brothers

I love to see all the older kids loving on their baby brother, they LOVE Connor Andrew! By the way, his name IS Connor Andrew! They hardly ever leave out the “Andrew” but always call him by his first and … Continue reading

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Sweet boys…

Last night, after a long day of shopping and errand running with my sister and our babies, I was sitting on the couch half asleep. Eamon came up to me and said the sweetest thing, it was one of those … Continue reading

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An Update on me and the baby

This picture was taken today, and as you can see, I’m still pregnant. And a little tired! I had a long night last night, with two, two hour sessions of contractions an “stuff” and thinking that the baby was coming … Continue reading

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Upside Down Babies

Yesterday I was explaining to the boys that my midwife is going to check tonight to make sure that our baby is head down. Of course they wanted to know why and I explained it to them. Then this morning … Continue reading

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More sick days

This morning I woke up to a delightfully back to normal knee, no tears or breaks I’m sure! Thank you Lord! But when I stood up I realized that I was feeling awfully queazy, it was only 5:00, maybe I … Continue reading

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Multiple Children, a blessing from God

Here was the scenario the other day, sitting at the lunch table with all the kids: Cait was throwing a fit about something. She’s developed an aversion to the word, “no.” I’m not exactly sure what I was telling her … Continue reading

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Cute Boys

Before I forget I just have to write down the cutest thing Eamon said yesterday. The kids were looking at the big calendar I have on the wall, I have a bunch of little pictures signifiing events we will be … Continue reading

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Enjoying the sunset together

Aren’t they just cute?! They are so cooperative! :)

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Dinosaur Kings

Dinosaur Kings from Chris and Jenni on Vimeo. Seriously goofy boys who also love to play dress up with Guenna, they are the kings and she is the queen. I think they really like having sisters, it makes make believe … Continue reading

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Funny boys

Boys to each other – “You’re Mr. Funny Pants!” Ha Ha Ha ha ha ha!!!Over and over and over again. Then they told us, the boys at church say that. I guess that is better than somethings they could pick … Continue reading

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Entertaing Cait

Dancing Children from Christian Burns on Vimeo.

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