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So Blessed; a Night of Missing My Best Friend

Tonight I’m missing my best friend. He’s at a men’s retreat and I’m going to sleep in a cold bed by myself. I was thinking about how blessed I am. About how blessed we are. God has been so good … Continue reading

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The Shelves are Done!

  On Chris’ day off, Labor Day. He worked on finishing up these wonderful shelves for our bedroom. I LOVE them! In fact, I like them so much, they make me want to do laundry! What more could you ask … Continue reading

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Cool guy

It’s late and I’m tired but I just needed to say that I have the best husband ever! I left him at home with four kids for about 4 hours. I put Cait down to bed at around 7:00 and … Continue reading

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Four happy kids, one blessed daddy

I can remember when I was just a young girl watching daddy’s with their daughters and seeing that close connection, and as a teenage girl thinking and dreaming that some day my daughters would have that with their father. I … Continue reading

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My thought for the night

I’m not an expert on men, but I do have a husband who’s a pretty good communicator and with whom I am learning to communicate better with each day. The longer I’ve been married the more I realize how important … Continue reading

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Day off

I always feel a little guilty if I have to ask Chris to take time off because I have an appointment or I’m sick. I was thinking about it though and I realized that if he felt like I did … Continue reading

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Tractor for daddy?

This morning after Guenna’s morning nap I bundled the kids (there was still a little snow on the ground from last night and it was pretty cold out there) and walked down the road to our neighbor’s house. I had … Continue reading

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Sleepy post

I am so tired right now! It’s 11:17 pm and I just got back from shopping at Fred Meyer’s and Wal Mart! But I came home to dishes from dinner that were washed and the left overs put in the … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my Love!

Red Roses Originally uploaded by Chris and Jenni. Sweet red roses from the love of my life! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten red roses from a man before :) What a perfect occasion to receive them, isn’t he sweet … Continue reading

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My husband is so sweet :)

Birthdays are a big deal to me. I love celebrating my kids birthdays and my husband’s and I’ve always loved the feeling of being celebrated. Tonight Chris told me he planned a birthday get together at his parents house for me … Continue reading

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So thankful for my man

Chris is gone tonight at our church’s men’s retreat. He will be back sometime tomorrow afternoon. I’ve known about this retreat for a couple months but it is always so hard for me to let him go, we so look … Continue reading

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