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Dishes? What dishes?!

The last two nights the girls have been doing the dishes. It’s another one of those chores that I’ve just felt it was easier to do myself, (what was I thinking?) Or to let my mom do, she’s pretty good … Continue reading

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Classic Cait

Do you have a child who is always pushing the boundaries? Someone who sees so much more to living than what they have in front of them? We do. I’ll be honest, some days parenting one of these dear ones … Continue reading

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Can someone slow this thing down, please?

Our sweet little girl was born a little over five weeks ago and I keep thinking, okay, after this week of ___________ things will start to slow down. First I was thinking, after the house gets done, then after the … Continue reading

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My Little Cait, she’s growing up!

It’s hard to believe this little baby is already 2 1/2! She’s so full of life and spunk and very two :) Training two’s is what a friend of mine calls them, and I think that fits perfect, I would … Continue reading

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Guenna and Aidan on Fictional Characters…

Guenna is random. she will speak her mind as soon as she thinks it. Sometimes we can anticipate what she’s going to say in public and draw her away or cover her mouth, other times we are caught off guard, … Continue reading

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A little visit from the paramedics…

Cait fell off our bed this morning, fell right on her forehead. She did a scary little stretch and stiffened her body for a few seconds and then cried for a couple seconds and right afterward she was very calm … Continue reading

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Guenna’s new hair style…

Lately I have been braiding Guenna’s hair on the side like this but without the little braids. But half way through the day she has these little wispy hairs that drive her nuts, I either have to re-braid her hair … Continue reading

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Puppy Dog Ears?!

Yesterday someone described my daughter’s hair as “puppy dog ears.” To be honest, there was little part of me that was a little offended. This morning though I realized I was thinking about the comment again and then had to … Continue reading

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Cait is the cutest!

Cait Drawing and Counting from Chris and Jenni on Vimeo. She’s starting to talk so much, and lately she wants to color, the hard part is convincing her when it’s time to stop. I think my legs were asleep by … Continue reading

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A challenging week

Cait looks pretty happy to be eating a donut in this picture, that was Saturday. Sunday was the beginning of a whole new adventure for her. Sunday afternoon we realized that the reason why Cait had been so crabby off … Continue reading

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Multiple Children, a blessing from God

Here was the scenario the other day, sitting at the lunch table with all the kids: Cait was throwing a fit about something. She’s developed an aversion to the word, “no.” I’m not exactly sure what I was telling her … Continue reading

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Summertime, watermelon, and cute little girls

Doesn’t that just say it all? How can you resist those sweet little slobbery cheeks? Cait loves watermelon, as do the rest of the kids so we try to eat at least one a week. We can eat one big … Continue reading

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Got our seeds planted!

We finally did it, we got most of our garden planted, some of the boxes we will wait to plant as we go so that they wont all be ready at the same time. But we got a little of … Continue reading

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Catching up with my videos. Here’s one of Cait taking some of her first steps, this video was taken a couple days after she first started to walk. She’s getting more confident each day and the older kids love to … Continue reading

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We have a new walker in the house!!

Can I hear some applause?!!! Cait has decided that NOW is a good time to walk. Yesterday she took her first steps, she is going to be 13 months old next week. Definitely my slowest to walk, I’m not complaining, … Continue reading

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