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Two weeks already?!

I was asking Chris to get a picture of Jack and I up close, isn’t this cute? Hey, what are you doing here? We are trying to get a picture of our faces bud! Oh, I see! I guess you … Continue reading

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Meeting Jack…

This isn’t my first “meeting with Jack” :) But I liked this picture. Can you tell that I’m in love, I just can’t get enough of this little boy, he’s so precious! Daddy hasn’t gotten nearly as much holding time … Continue reading

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He’s Here!!

We are so happy to announce the arrival of our newest little baby! Welcome Jack Austin Burns, born June 16th, 2012. He was born at 6:31am, he weighed 7 lbs 14 oz, and was 21 1/2 inches long. It was … Continue reading

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No baby yet…feel discouraged today

So he’s officially the “latest” baby yet. Guenna was six days late but was born in the morning of the sixth day. I am not impressed bud. It’s 5:00 am and I’m not in labor, had my membranes stripped on … Continue reading

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Still pregnant…but maybe he’s thinking?

Had a great midwife appointment yesterday evening, and just my hubby came with so there wasn’t anyone to cry about who got to push the doppler button this time ;) I do love to bring the kids with me so … Continue reading

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40 weeks 4 days pregnant…getting closer

Each day this week I’ve been getting those strong but sporadic contractions in the afternoon and through dinner. Yesterday they were really strong, and I’ve been even feeling them in the middle of the night. Each night before bed I’ve … Continue reading

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40 weeks, 2 days pregnant…any day now bud.

I’m not surprised, it’s not the first time my babe has been late. I don’t know the future so I don’t know if it will be my last. But this is probably the calmest I’ve felt, and least depressed (yes, … Continue reading

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Birthing Center or Home Birth…the Question.

So being 36 1/2 weeks, and now knowing that I wont have to have the baby in the hospital has got me to thinking about the nearly imminent birth of our babe. I try not to think too much about … Continue reading

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Babies, babies, everywhere!

Well, I haven’t made an official announcement on my blog yet. But the title might give it away if you know me very well, or at least know my history of having babies. Yes, it’s true. We are going to … Continue reading

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Birth Story of Victoria Jael, part 1

Nearly every mom who’s given birth can understand the concept that “birth is a journey.” For me anyway, each birth is a unique experience, and pregnancy, labor, and delivery are all part of God’s refining moments in my journey of … Continue reading

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Welcome to the world baby girl!!

After seven long hours of labor, our family along with; nana and papa, the midwives, nana Judi, the four older kids and our neighbor Dee, welcomed little Victoria Jael Burns into the world! She was born at 7:17am , on … Continue reading

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I’d do it all over again!

I certainly would. Nine months of nausea, aching hips, heartburn, aching back and legs, varicose veins, etc., etc….All of that to lead you up to some of the worst pains you’ve ever felt, for hours on end with no apparent … Continue reading

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Today is the day!

I’m 40 weeks pregnant today and I’m in labor on my due date! It’s kind of hard to believe that I’m going to have a baby on my due date, on October 31st no less. I went to see the … Continue reading

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Hard Times…

As of last night it looks like I’m having a miscarriage. I started bleeding last night around 10:00 and was feeling pretty weak today because I’ve lost so much blood so Chris is taking the day off to be with … Continue reading

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A few more pictures of our princess

Our niece Jazmin bravely attended the birth, it was so special for her to be there. Thank you Jazmin for sharing this precious moment with us, we love you! Aidan was the first person to hold the baby after mommy … Continue reading

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