Watercolor Paintings by Jenni

If you see something here that has already been sold and you are interested in a similar painting, please shoot me an email and I’d be glad to paint another for the same price. Just know that these are all originals and they wont look exactly the same. My email address is chrisandjenni-at-gmail.com Prices do not include shipping prices (depending on sizes shipping rates are around $4-$6 per painting and will be shipped USPS)
I accept payment through paypal, please contact me through email to make sure the painting is still available.

Thanks for looking!!


Autumn Drive – $20
6″x 9″


Pair of Pears – $15
6″ x 9″


Carrots – $15
6″ x 9″


Rocks and Sticks in the leaves – $30
6″ x 9″


Artichokes and Tomatoes – $15
6″ x 9″


Succulents – $15
6″ x 9″


Fidalgo Coffee Roasters – $15
9″ x 6″

SOLD – $40
Boats at Night
6″ x 9″


SOLD – $15
You Are The Apple of My Eye
6″ x 9″



Bird of Paradise
8″ x 10″


Red Flower
9″ x 6″


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2 Responses to Watercolor Paintings by Jenni

  1. Jenni, I would like to buy Autumn Drive if it is still available. I had a pay pal acct. but haven’t used it for so long I will have to set up a new one. Let be know what the total is with shipping etc. There is no rush, I know your family has been sick and I am in no hurry. I love your work and I am going to try water colors this coming year. How do I find your instructional video on you tube.
    Thank you
    Aunt JoAnne

    • Jenni says:

      JoAnne, thank you so much! I’ll email you details. If it’s easier you can just send a check. I’ll email in a couple days with my address and total. Thanks again!! Jenni

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