Rasar St Park…Oops


We just recently bought a fancy new trailer to haul the two littlest (growing heavier by the minute) children. We haven’t done very many bike rides this summer, probably mostly because it’s just been too darned hot! So this cooler weather, the new trailer (a $250 double trailer snagged off craigslist for $75 and in perfect condition!) and with the beginning of school, we are making the most of this warm, not hot and not raining weather. Whew that was a run-on sentence if I ever made one! You get the idea, we are finally getting this family on the road, enjoying some outdoor time at the park, fun days!

So Victoria, whenever she says she needs to use the bathroom, we take her seriously, and even though she’s 5 1/2 we always make sure she doesn’t need any help. I followed her into the bathroom at the park. She was doing good but she realized that she had locked herself in the stall, and she couldn’t reach the toilet paper. Mom to the rescue. I go into the first stall, she’s in the second stall. I get a big wad of toilet paper, then proceed to stall number 3. I reach under the stall wall and hold it up for her to reach down and grab. I say, “can you see it?” “Yeah, but I can’t reach it.” I stand in front of the stall, wiggling the door and say, “hon you are going to have to hop off the toilet and open the door or get the paper yourself.” Mortified, she says, “I can’t!”

Okay, plan number 2. Back to stall number 1, I un-wad the toilet paper and hang it right over the toilet. She cant seem to grab it. “Can’t you reach it hon?!” She sounds desperate now, “No I can’t, mommy I’m in the one at the end!

Oh dear. She is NOT in stall number 2. She is in stall number 4? Who’s in stall number 2? Is there someone in stall number 2?!!!! I quickly and easily manage to get her the toilet paper, now with this knew knowledge that she is not in that other stall, no wonder why she could never see it or reach it! Then as soon as I get her the toilet paper I inspect stall number 2, you can imagine my relief when I realize that stall number 2 is indeed locked but it’s empty (some brat probably did that, thanks a lot!) Then I was hysterically laughing at myself, at how embarrassing it would have been had there been someone in that other stall, all the sudden having toilet paper being offered to her from every angle. I am so glad it was empty, of course if it had someone in it, it would have made a much better story. But still, I make myself laugh. Hopefully you laughed at me too. ;)



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