What kind of mommy are you?

Last night I was working with Guenna helping her learn how to use her new mini sewing machine she got for Christmas from someone special :) She had almost finished her mini pillow she made for her baby doll “Jack” and she said warmly, “I’m glad you’re this kind of mommy.” Awww, what a sweet girl. I’m glad you like me! I said, “Thank you Guenna! There are all kinds of mommies. We all have different talents.”

But the more that I thought about that conversation I was thinking about all the mommies who might take a bit of offense or feel a tinge of pain when they read that, thinking, “I can’t sew, don’t do crafts, and Betty Crocker doesn’t live anywhere near this house!” God made all of us different. We can’t all have everybody’s talents. As much as I would love to be a photographer, a painter, a pianist, a
mountain climber, a refined city girl, a coupon shopper, the list goes on and on. I can’t be all those things, there are a few things I’m getting good at, and I’m doing my best to share those few things with my children, both boys and girls.

But I think it’s more than that, what she likes is my time, my attention, the investment into her that says, “I want you to grow and mature and get good at something, you’re not just a kid but you are a capable member of society who has something to offer.” We need to spend more time with our children, teaching them, teaching them anything! Reading to them instead of getting on facebook and putting a movie on for them (I’m preaching to myself as well here!) Create memories, learn WITH them, play games with them, build with them, color, draw, find out what they are interested and help them learn how to do that thing. That can be challenging at times! I think all of us moms were made just perfectly for our beautiful little flocks. It’s easy to look at what all the other moms are pinning on Pinterest and think, “I wish I was like her.” She probably wishes she was like the person she got the pins from! ;)

Maybe your child(ren) have never told you this, but they are glad You are THAT kind of mommy! As a mom it is so easy to be jealous of how clean Suzy’s house always seems to be and I get to feeling a bit down about that at times. But I know that God wants me to love being the daughter and mother HE has created just me to be instead of looking at all the other moms and wishing I was like somebody else.

Be her, be you! Your children love you just the way you are! I’d love to hear from you, what are some ways you’ve connected with your children, practical and inexpensive ways? It’s always great to hear ideas from other moms, we are all in this together. Bless you today moms, you are all amazing!

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  1. Molly Hughes says:

    Love your posts and blogs. You have a wonderful example. Your mom. Love her to pieces. So, how can you, or your children go wrong, under the direction you received? God bless, and thanks for sharing your life with us.

  2. Kelley says:


  3. Corina says:

    It’s so tempting to compare ourselves to Moms we think do better things than us, are better than us…. You are so right. I often feel inadequate, because I have so much going on, and I always feel like there is never enough time… especially not enough time to give my kids the kind of attention I want to give them!
    I find that going on hiking/backpacking/adventuring trips with my boys has built incredible memories. But it doesn’t have to be such a big thing. Even just sitting down with them in the evenings and playing a game is great!
    It’s harder with little Eva… She wants my attention all the time, and sometimes I get resentful. Lately, I’ve let her “help” me do dishes and do some cleaning. She loves it, and I feel like I’m teaching her something!

  4. Virginia says:

    Oh Jenni, I love what you wrote! I couldn’t say it any better! I think my “Mommy Superpower” is just to make all the little things exciting and wonderful. We don’t have the money for a lot of classes or vacations or eating out, and we don’t have a schedule that allows for belonging to clubs or play groups, etc – but I just try to make all that we do everyday an adventure. I find that it really has very little to do with the activity (sometimes chores, even), but more to do with the way we interact and learn and have fun doing it.

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