Dishes? What dishes?!

Fun Fall harvest

The last two nights the girls have been doing the dishes. It’s another one of those chores that I’ve just felt it was easier to do myself, (what was I thinking?) Or to let my mom do, she’s pretty good at loading the dishwasher after dinner, even if she does fall on her butt sometimes while doing them.

I was making dinner last night and the girls were in the kitchen eyeballing the large pile of dishes in the sink, they exclaimed, “Wow, that’s sure a lot of dishes! We can help you wash them!” I said, “well, you can unload the dishwasher.” I knew they could do this task, so I was okay with letting them do it. I’m still making dinner, they said with excited glee, “WE can do THAT together!!!!” Silly giddy girls. One less thing to do tonight. They tore through that task with shining stars. Then wanted MORE. Long story short, I had them load the dishwasher. Then they wanted to clean the sink, and now can we wash these other dishes by hand? And can we dry and put these ones away? Can we wipe this counter and clean up that spot over here? They are cleaning machines! And I am LOVING it! They are constantly wanting to help in the kitchen and I’m always trying to find some way they can help.

As you can see, they can do a bit of the prep work for cooking and they LOVE that. Guenna said tonight while she was washing dishes, “I can’t wait until I’m a REAL mom.” Because you know, right now she’s just a “mommy-wannabe” and that makes me feel so proud. I had two boys first and was honestly a little freaked out about having a daughter, I got boys but I had reserves about raising daughters. But when I saw Guenna for the first time all those fears melted away I had this feeling so strongly, “she’s like ME” I get to raise her to be kind of like me. It was such a profound moment and I had another one of those moments tonight while I was cooking, Guenna was loading the dishwasher, Victoria was handing her dirty dishes and Cait was cleaning the sink. Here we all were in “our” element, working together, sisters. It was like a little portal into the future. I know I have a lot of teaching to do to get this machine really cranking out, but this little moment in time was one of those that I want to treasure forever. I love my girls, and feel so very blessed to have three beautiful daughters, and look forward one day to having SEVEN, and my girls also look forward to meeting their four new sisters one day when their brothers marry!

I leave you with this. Tonight the girls wanted to help with the dishes again. They looked like they were getting ready to scrub them and I instructed that they could just start loading the dishes now that the dishwasher was empty. Guenna has a way of speaking truth, she doesn’t mean to sound rude but… she says with surprise, “Is that ALL you do?!!” Oh Guenna, you do have a way with words. I love all my dear daughters!

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