Classic Cait

Do you have a child who is always pushing the boundaries? Someone who sees so much more to living than what they have in front of them? We do. I’ll be honest, some days parenting one of these dear ones can be challenging at the least, hair-loosing even, and utterly rewarding other times. We knew we were “in trouble” when she was two and I was painting our house. I like to provide ample creative outlets for our children and the house can get a bit messy (every day, because they draw, color, paint, create, at our kitchen table), I’m okay with it because I know they can clean it up for the most part. But our dear Cait always seems to find a way to push beyond the monotony of the every day and finds new ways to be creative. Whether that be sharpy all over so many walls, or crayon or pencil (why did I feel the need to paint these walls anyway)? Or lotion? Sometimes you need to add a little texture to the walls right? Or maybe she was feeling empathy, those walls ARE dry. If it’s not one thing it’s another. And as much as I have tried to “train” it out of her I’ve come to realize it’s just who she is. She’s a creative, beautiful, thrill-seeking, beauty-finding, adventurous, emotional, tenderhearted, encouraging, little lady. She’s curious, so very curious :)

Today I came in from working on the barn and the house that was mostly clean before I went outside, was quite a disaster. The boys had been making “shields” out of paper plates, which involves cutting up and taping numerous paper plates and all their pieces end up on the floor.  Along with the toys and food, and whatever else seven kids can manage to put onto the floor in a period of three hours (it’s a lot, trust me). So in my kindhearted way I decided to let the children pick their own chore. Aidan picked the table, simple. Eamon the dining room floor, safe. Connor the washer, normal. Guenna the counter, oh that’s a new one. Then comes Cait, “I want to clean YOUR room mommy!” Hmmm, how much actual “cleaning” do you think an extremely distractable child would get done in my room? I told her, “No hon, that’s mom’s chore.” She responds, “oh, until I’m an adult?” I said, “No, even when you’re an adult it will still be my chore, but thanks though hon” :) Love her. Remind me to lock my door.

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  1. Kelley says:

    Oh mommy❤❤❤ it only gets better……….darn……..then they grow up and move away❤❤❤❤ love love love them all! I love you Jenni

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