Two weeks already?!

Wanting a close up with my sweet Jack baby

I was asking Chris to get a picture of Jack and I up close, isn’t this cute?

Obviously Jack boy has other ideas!

Hey, what are you doing here? We are trying to get a picture of our faces bud!

I'm so hungry mommy, can I just eat your cheek?!

Oh, I see! I guess you are hungry? :) What a little cutie, as you can see he surprised me a little and I didn’t realize what was going on until he was full on trying to suck on my cheek! Cute little boy!

Can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I gave birth. In many ways I feel so much better and it feels so good to be two weeks post partum. But I will be honest, this has by far been the hardest recovery from birth yet. Yesterday we took Jack to get circumcised and since he fell right asleep after we got him settled into his carseat, we decided to run to Walmart and get some household items we’ve been needing. They didn’t have an electronic cart available and I thought maybe I would try to shop anyway but just standing for a few minutes I started to feel dizzy and I sat on the bench while Chris ran around the store for me. While I was sitting there an elderly gentleman drove up on a cart and saw me sitting on the bench probably looking a little depleted, he said, “you look tired!” :)

I have a friend who had said to me in the past that she is always impressed with how quickly I bounce back after pregnancy, and I can see now how true that statement was! I think I can relate better with women who have a hard time recovering, or have had a c-section. I’ve never hemorrhaged before and I can say now that I hope I never do again! Here I am two weeks later and I still get so dizzy every time I stand up for a short period of time, my body feels really weak and heavy so I end up spending most of my day in a recliner trying to rest while life kind of happens all around me.

All of that to say, I’m very thankful for the hope that I will be better soon, hopefully in another two weeks my blood volume will be back to normal and I will start to be able to be on my feet more without feeling so weak. I’m thankful for my mom who has been doing my dishes every day, sweeping my kitchen, helping here and there with laundry, watching my kids, and helping prepare our dinners. I’m thankful for my husband who doesn’t complain even though I have had to ask him to get every little thing for me, (I need something to drink, I’m hungry, I need to take my vitamins, can you make me a cup of coffee, I think I need my heating pad, can you bring me the baby, can you change Victoria’s diaper?) all while taking care of our six older children, attempting to fill my shoes and doing a pretty darn good job! I’m also so very thankful for our friends at church who’ve brought us many meals, and one of the Bible studies has met at our home twice bringing with them a meal for all and fellowship and studying the word together (all of which I’ve been missing out on for several weeks), this is such a tremendous blessing to me and our family! My mom and dad in law have also been a huge blessing, bringing food, and gifts, and have watched our children and cleaned our home, and loved on all of us so much these past couple of weeks.

So in spite of this being a difficult time, and feeling a little impatient about how long it’s taking for me to feel well again, there is SO much to be grateful for! I’m taking the time to get better and resting adequately, eating all the right things and drinking a lot. And my back is feeling it, I’ve been having a lot of headaches now because of all the sitting in a recliner that I’ve been doing. I’m going to start stretching more this week, I know everything is also trying to go back to normal so that is part of the pain in my hips/back, and my neck has been going out a lot because of the lack of stretching and movement. I’m really looking forward to a few weeks from now when I can walk around freely and start regaining strength and mobility in my back. Until then, I’m going to soak up all these precious newborn moments that I can…


And these little feet, that are quickly growing bigger. I just adore baby feet! I can’t get enough of this little man, he’s such a treasure! Thank you Lord for this opportunity to sacrifice a little to bring this precious life into the world, it’s an honor to be Jack’s mother!


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