Okay, time to make my To-Do List!

I think this shed is going to fit our family perfectly!!

I’ve put it off long enough, and this time I’ve even had my sweet husband asking me to make “him” a to-do list. I think my post yesterday has helped me identify my strange inward feelings this pregnancy and I’ve finally found the energy to make my list! Or at least get it started. I think the fact that we have a new shed, and a place to put some of that clutter helps me to feel more ready to start “nesting” before baby comes. And look at our new shed, it’s just calling to me, “COME fill me with all your junk stuff!” So here I go…

My To-Do List – Before the Baby Comes

Laundry Room
Get quail brooder outside
-Organize top of washer/dryer
-Organize shelves
-Disinfect Sink
-Mop (kids)


-Organize Vitamix corner
-Organize coffee shelf
Organize china hutch
Wipe fronts of cabinets (kids)
-Scrape stickers off the floor
Mop floor (kids)
-Disinfect sink
-Clean out window


Mop (kids)
Clean-toilets, baths, sinks
Buy and install toilet seat for guest bathroom

Guest Bedroom
Get boxes/stuff moved into shed or office (Chris)
Move shelving unit out into office (Chris)
-Move girls clothes into guest bedroom (Chris)
-Get ready for “guests” :)
-Move Victoria’s bed into the girls room? (Chris)
Move homeschool table to the office (Chris)

Red Room
Organize Computer hutch
Minimize computer cords (Chris)
Clean off/dust top of piano
Organize Hutch/book corner
Put hope chest into the office

Move boxes out to the shed (Chris)
Move incubators out to the shed
-Move dehydrator to laundry room
Move table out to the shed (Chris)
Set up kids computer (Chris)

Kids bedrooms
Organize clothes, only store clothes in their closet that someone will be using in the near future, the rest goes into the shed.

Master Bedroom/Master Bathroom
Organize top of dresser/side table
Organize closet
Organize top of bathroom counter
Disinfect tub for the birth (Chris)
Wash baby clothes
Put baby clothes in dresser.
Set up co-sleeper (Chris)

Small Shed on back of porch

-Move tools into big shed (Chris)
-Move table saw into big shed (Chris)
-Move all the feed/potting stuff into small shed (Chris)

Take time to sit and rest, and finish my baby blanket :)
Make birthday cake for baby, and freeze
Make birthday cake for Victoria, and freeze
Make some banana muffins to freeze
Make a list of the foods I need to have around for the birth
-Make my list of things to do when I go into labor
Buy my birth kit from Midwife
Buy homebirth supplies
Get a nursing bra
Cut Guenna’s hair
Get my hair cut :)
Buy groceries for the birth
-Install infant carseat into the van

Okay, that’s enough for now! It looks like a lot but if I work on this list a little each day I know it’s possible to get it all done(or at least the important stuff!). 3 1/2 weeks to go! Going to keep this little post updated and as I finish things on the list I’ll be marking them off. Wish me luck!

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4 Responses to Okay, time to make my To-Do List!

  1. Tamara says:

    That’s a hefty list, sis! But I bet it feels good to get it all written down AND to delegate some tasks! I was just checking things off our list this evening. Feels good to get things done. I still need to vacuum upstairs, but most of the important stuff is done, like planting and food prep. I’m glad you still have some time to get things done. It helps to have a bunch of stuff to work on to keep from sitting around twiddling our thumbs waiting to go into labor. ;-) Love ya, sis!

  2. Jenni says:

    Thanks sis :) I agree, I think I really like making a list because it gets me out of the mindset of “I wonder if I will have the baby early,” or “I wish this baby would come early” or “I wonder what I can DO to make this baby come early” :) To, “I have so many things to do, this baby can’t come yet!” And then if I don’t get them all done it’s okay but I’ve still got “stuff” to do. I can’t believe you are already so close to your due date, I’m so excited for you sister!!

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