36 Weeks Pregnant, Early Mother’s Day Present

If I could have asked for a gift from one of my children for Mother’s Day, I think this baby figured it out :) I had my ultrasound yesterday and found out my little man is no longer breech, but head down ready to go! What a relief!

36 weeks - Baby #7

Looking back, I think I know exactly when he turned. I had been having a lot of hip pain, and a ton of numbness in my arms so I went to have a chiropractic adjustment (when I was around 33+ weeks pregnant. That night I was sitting on the couch and the baby had hiccups and I could feel what it seemed to me like his head bumping my ribs. Then the next morning he had hiccups again but the bumping was down low in my pelvis. I thought, “Oh I think he’s turned!!” But then later that week I was trying to figure out what end was in my ribs, and both Chris and I thought it felt like a head, then this past Monday my midwife thought the same thing. But we were all wrong, thank goodness! Since that adjustment I have felt his hiccups in my pelvis several times so I feel pretty confident if he were to flip again and got hiccups that I would know if he’d flipped :)

In finding out that we were going to be having an ultrasound all the older kids immediately got excited about seeing their brother “on the computer,” I didn’t have the heart to tell them, no, you guys can’t all be there, even though they have a sign on their door that the patient can only have two “guests” in the room while they have their exam. And you know, we have quite a few more “guests” than two in our family. I informed the kids that if they were really quiet in the waiting room, that MAYBE the tech would let them come into the room, if they said no then there wasn’t really anything we could do about it. We were asking them to let 8 people in the room(including nana Joan :) As I was called for my ultrasound I asked the lady who seemed pretty happy, “my kids would REALLY love to come in and watch the ultrasound.” She said happily, “Oh absolutely!” and then proceeded to get the room ready to accommodate the big group. She was so sweet about it, I was just glad it was her and not some of the other techs we’ve had at other places that weren’t quite so accommodating, to say the least :)

Lots of cheering and excitement when she told us he is head down! And when we got home, each of the kids individually told nana Judi that “our baby is head down!” Cait was so cute, she said, “nana, our baby’s head is down, so now we can have him at home!” I just thought it was so sweet to hear the relief in her voice, and that it meant something to her, she’s only 5 and somehow she grasped that having him at home was really important to me, and I think she is just relieved that the doctor wont have to “cut mommy open!” :) Trust me babe, I am too, but I know it wouldn’t be the end of the world!

He was pretty cute during the ultrasound, he had his hand either in or by his mouth every time she had the wand down there looking at his face. And because he was laying on his side she was able to get a couple pictures of his profile. I haven’t gotten any profile pics of baby this far along before so that was kind of fun! It may be hard for you to tell what’s going on in the picture, it’s his profile and you can see outline of his head, nose, lips, and a chubby little fist up to his mouth probably just sucking on his right hand. Too precious!

36 weeks profile 1

It’s so hard to believe that we will be holding this sweet little one in just a few short weeks. How our lives have already changed since he’s been daily growing bigger and our hearts have stretched to accommodate more love for another sweet blessing. It’s been so fun hearing the children’s hearts growing in love and anticipation for their new baby brother as well. I was surprised to hear Guenna say the other night, “mommy, I’m glad we know it’s a boy, and I’m glad he’s a boy I wanted to have another brother.” That is so precious, especially coming from a little girl. Connor is constantly talking to him, and often refers to him as “MY baby brother.” Cait comes and hugs my tummy many many times during the day, and Victoria, well, she is sure that there is a baby in her little round tummy too but I’m pretty sure she knows that mommy has a baby in her tummy and I think she knows what that means. It’s pretty cute.

My mom is heading to my sister’s house today and is going to spend her last week and a half of prepping for little Watanabe boy (she’s due in 9 days!) and will be staying with her for awhile after he’s born to help out. So we will be missing her company while she’s gone, but when she gets back we’ll be in our last days of waiting for our little one! Exciting days ahead! Can’t wait to hear my sis is going into labor, I just wish I could be there!!

That’s it until my next weeks update. Have a great week all!!

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2 Responses to 36 Weeks Pregnant, Early Mother’s Day Present

  1. KimC says:

    So glad to hear your good news! What fun that all the kids got to see the baby on the ultrasound, too. Can’t wait to meet our little one, but we have a much longer wait than you do. :)

  2. Jenni says:

    Thanks Kim! We are so relieved to not have to worry about having a breech baby anymore :) One more thing to mark off my list of things to do before I go into labor ;) Flip the baby! Excited for you guys too!!

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