35 weeks 2 days Pregnant – Update

Had my 35 week prenatal appointment today with my midwife. I was hoping to hear her say something like, “Oh it looks like your baby is head down!” But I was doubtful that she was going to say that because in my heart I really felt like he was head up. The only difference I’ve felt in the last couple weeks is that whatever end is down there seems to have dropped, and I’ve been having lots of contractions, and a lot more discomfort, as well as I feel like he’s gotten a lot bigger in the past two weeks, and more active and uncomfortable movements, like I feel like he’s trying to push his way through my belly button. That is never a very fun feeling.

So she confirmed my concern, she thinks he is still breech too. So off we go to the hospital on Friday to do an ultrasound to make sure she is right, all the while hoping she is wrong :)  It all seems so strange and unfamiliar to me. After having given birth six times, at home, with nearly zero to worry about other than the normal discomforts of pre-labor symptoms, it just seems so strange to have a breech baby! Oh well, I guess it keeps life interesting! I asked her the “what if we can’t get him turned before labor?” question. She said that we would plan a hospital birth at the hospital in Anacortes, they have one doctor who will do a planned breech birth for women who have had successful vaginal births, wide hips, and fairly “easy” deliveries. Thankful I fit that criteria to a “T” especially the wide hips part ;)   So that is comforting to know, but we are still shooting for a home birth!

In other news, all my kids are due to have their yearly well child exams. So we are doubling up with my next 3-4 midwife appointments. Today it was Cait’s turn, she is such a crack up. Dr asked her, “so, how old are you now?” She just about yells, “I’m FIVE now!” She LOVES to tell everyone her age, it is so sweet :) So Connor pipes in, “at my next birthday I’m going to be SEVEN!” Yep, we are just going to skip right over, 4, 5, and 6. He’s very mature for his age :) Dr. asked her a bunch of age related questions then had her draw a person in her chart, then asked her to copy the three shapes he had drawn in her chart, she was drawing the first one, a cross. She said, “that’s a cross, Jesus died on the cross!” He smiled and said, “you’re right, he did!” Made me want to cry. I love her sweet spirit, and her energy and love for life and all the things she is learning she just wants to tell the whole world everything that is in her little heart. Such a precious girl.

Next week, it’s Guenna’s turn. I think I’m going to see if we can make a date of it as it was pretty difficult having all the kids there with me today, Victoria cries almost the whole time, every time :(  One more two week appointment, then we start our weekly appointments. Yeah!! I’m not crazy about going every week, except for the fact that it just means we are SO close! Come on baby, can’t wait to meet you!!!

Oh, and for those of you who missed it, here is a little status update from Facebook I posted last week, about an encounter I had at Walmart.

Classic Walmart experience yesterday. A man who was probably in his 50’s is standing in my way so I am patiently waiting for him to move, he says, “Make up your mind, which way you gonna go?” I said, “Oh, I was just needing to go right across from you.” He doesn’t move, he just looks at my stomach and says, “When you due?” I said, “Oh, I’m due June 9th.” He replies, “Yep, it’s a boy isn’t it?” I’m thinking, wow, this is an interesting guy, but I said, “Yep, it’s a boy.” He responds confidently, as if he didn’t have a 50-50 chance of being right, “yep, carrying him real LOW.” Okay then, Mr. expert Walmart shopper. Thank you for the laugh, I just wished that Chris had been there to share the moment with me. :)

That’s about it for this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to update soon that my little boy is head down and ready to go!

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2 Responses to 35 weeks 2 days Pregnant – Update

  1. Jennie says:

    Do you know if they’ll try to turn him if he stubbornly stays upright? I’ll say a little prayer that you suddenly feel a big ‘swoosh’ as he does an Olympic style head dive and up-ends himself!

  2. Jenni says:

    Yeah, they will try to turn have externally at 37 weeks if he hasn’t turned yet, so we have two weeks left to get him to turn before the lovely painful stuff! After Friday’s ultrasound (assuming he’s head up) I will head to the chiro to see if he can turn him with the Webster technique first. And I’m doing other exercises at home as well. :)

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