34 and 1/2 weeks pregnant, but who’s counting?

34 weeks pregnant, baby number 7

Six weeks left until my due date! It’s hard to believe that I’m that close, although delivery still feels very far away! I know in my mind it’s not but it feels that way, and the last few weeks always seem to drag on. I know six weeks in reality isn’t very long, because I can remember so very clearly waiting for each of my babies to come, feeling like it will never come to pass. And here they are, 9, 7, 6, 5, 3, and 1 year old (how in the world did that happen, and so fast?!)


The kids and I made a waiting for baby chain last week. They are all getting so excited to meet our new baby. We talk about him a lot, it’s so fun watching their anticipation grow as my tummy gets bigger and it becomes more obvious that he is really growing. They have so many questions about what he’s doing in there, about the birth, and even today we were eating fish and Guenna asked, “Mom, did you eat fish too?” I said, “yes.” She said, “so, that will make our baby’s brain bigger?!” :) Of course it will honey! ¬†And they’ve all spent time with their hands on my tummy, feeling his kicks that are getting bigger and bigger. It’s so special when they get to feel his movements, it makes it feel so much more real for them.

At my last midwife appointment (I was 33 weeks), my midwife said that baby boy is head up :( So I’ve been trying some exercises to flip him, I was thinking he had flipped the day after I had a chiropractic adjustment, but I’m really not sure if he has or not. Have another midwife appointment next week, it will be nice to know if he has or not. If he hasn’t she has a few other things that she wants me to do to really try to get him to flip, and I will have my chiropractor do the “Webster Technique” which I’ve been told is very helpful, we shall see. The day after I had my chiro appt, I started having painful contractions in the evenings, and have been having them starting at dinner prep time until we hit the sack, every night. :) I guess either my baby has dropped, or is now head down, or my body just thinks it’s time to start preparing for D-Day, either way, it’s pretty uncomfortable. But I’ll get through it.


It’s hard to believe that my sweet little Victoria girl is going to be a big sister. But she’s ready for it. She talks about the baby in my tummy all the time, and today I was looking at a drawing of a baby inside a mommy’s tummy, where you could see the outline of the woman’s body and a drawing of a baby inside, and we were talking about it. She would look at the picture and then point to my tummy and say “baby!” It will be the biggest gap for us, and I like it a little bit further apart, I can reason with her a little better than with an 18 month old, or 12 month old :) She doesn’t like being told no, but she will listen when I work through it with her, and I think that will be really helpful when the babe comes. We are going to spend a lot of time, the three of us, sitting and holding each other. He’s probably not going to get put down very much the first little while, too many anxious siblings waiting to hold him!

I’ll try to do some little updates each week until he comes. We are so thrilled to be able to be parents again. God is so gracious to us! Our hearts are full.


Oh, and here’s my handsome husband, finally got his pull-up bar put up in the rafters of the front porch :) He’s pretty cute, and manly! Love him so much! And I am so thankful to be on this journey with him, I’m a very blessed woman!

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