So…is it a girl, or a boy? Inquiring minds…

Ultrasound date with my sweetie :)

All the kids decided they would rather stay and play at nana Joan’s than go to our ultrasound appointment, to be honest I was a little surprised but I really can’t blame them ;) And we were happy to have a little date, a few hours all to ourselves. Ahhh, let’s take in the moment of silence together.

Sweet little Burns baby, healthy and wiggly :) - 22 weeks pregnant

Here’s the little squirmy babe, the technician was saying during the ultrasound and he was trying to get exact measurements of the top of the baby’s head, “this baby wont sit still!” :) I could tell too, and the babe was moving all over the screen! Up until yesterday we were adamant to not find out the gender until the baby’s birthday. But…you know how it goes, well we started thinking of good reasons to find out at our ultrasound, Connor is really wanting a boy and is SURE we were having a boy. The girls really want another sister, Chris and I are completely unmotivated to find TWO baby names, etc. etc. So last night Chris and I decided to see if we could find out what the gender of the baby is at today’s 22 week appointment. And we did! Yeah, then we went to nana and papa’s to tell the kids if it’s a boy or a girl, this is our tie breaker, we have 3 and 3 so far!

Boy or Girl? Hmmm?

The girls are rooting for another girl, even look at Victoria, “Homespun Sarah” how did she know? Girls just know stuff. Aidan and Connor are rooting for another boy, and Eamon says, “I don’t mind either one.” Oh you’re so sweet, and indecisive ;)


And it looks like, the boys have it. Yes folks, the boys are the winners this time. In other words, we’re having a boy! :) I love Victoria’s look, “Hey wait a minute, I don’t understand, I have the “Homespun Sarah” book, doesn’t that mean we are having our “Sarah”?”


Connor – “Um, guys, I’ve been telling you it was a boy all along!” His response when we told him it’s a boy though, was priceless. “Whooohooo!!” I can’t wait to see this little boy hold his baby brother for the first time, it’s going to make me cry just thinking about it.


The girls are looking a little worried. OH no! We are going to be outnumbered!!


Well, it’s a good thing we have each other then sis ;)


Sister’s need each other, especially when they need to be silly.

Sister tickle fest!

And we have three of the silliest, ever.


No, I think we have sufficient “girliness” to go around in the Burns household, we are going to be okay ;) On the way home the boys in the backseat were bragging and whooping about having another boy, Connor was saying, “It’s a BOY!” And Guenna so sincerely, prayerfully said in a very sweet voice, “Maybe God will choose to have this one be nice.” One can only hope dear. :)

I can say that this mother is very happy that we are going to be welcoming a new little man into our home in a few short months. My heart is beginning to dream of names, imagining his sweet face and snuggling a sweet little sleepy boy in my arms. I love my boys with all my heart and feel so blessed to get to mother another of the Burns sons. I can imagine the look of pride on Chris’ Grandpa Ralph Burns’ face at the news of another grandson, and I know this one will make him proud. Thank you Lord for this little boy!

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2 Responses to So…is it a girl, or a boy? Inquiring minds…

  1. Cathy Eisenman says:

    Congradualations! What a precious family! This makes my heart happy. I don’t know how you found the time to write it?!

  2. Jenni says:

    Thank you Cathy, we are excited:). I love to write and find the time here and there but I wish I found it more often there are so many wonderful memories that a quickly slipping away ;) thanks for stopping by!

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