Facing the Impossible

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Do you ever find yourself thinking about something looming in the distance? Something that seems so big, too big? If you really think about it, you know it’s not impossible, but it seems to be. For me those “impossibles” often clutter my mind, and when my mind is too cluttered with “impossible tasks” I can get cranky, feel overwhelmed, or feel like a failure of a wife, mother, and homemaker.

Some of those impossibles for me are things like; an office that is packed with a bunch of stuff I don’t know what to do with, or the thought of facing another 12 weeks of morning sickness, or the fact that when the morning sickness is over I have 6 months of painful veins to look forward to. Lately the big “impossible” has been the thought of needing to potty train my son who is quickly growing past his 3rd birthday, rather than just face it and give it a go, I’ve been putting it off for fear that it will take forever.

The reality is, that none of these things are impossible. They are part of the tapestry God has woven together, of this mama’s life. And when I face those impossibles, I get the rewards of my labors; an organized office, no more morning sickness, a new beautiful baby, and a cute little boy running around in underwear interrupting my “work” to tell me he needs to go potty, after just four days of a little extra work on my part. Now he’s so proud of himself, and I have several less diapers to change every day!

Big boy on the potty, doing SO good!!

I’m so thankful that God gives me grace, today, to accomplish what He’s got for this day, no more and no less. Sometimes I think I’d like an extra dose, or maybe even to borrow some from tomorrow ;) Thank you Lord for giving me the grace and the strength to face some of those things that seem impossible to me. For being patient with me, in spite of my unbelief. And thank you Lord, that Connor is well on His way to being potty trained!

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