Festival of Farms

Family photo

Last week we attended the Festival of Family Farms here in Skagit county with some good friends of ours from church, the Kirkmans (or the “Kirk-a-mans” as Guenna so dearly calls them, they are not “friends, they are the Kirk-a-mans). We had such a great time with them and they came over, with their seven wonderful children, afterward and had some chili and brownies. We love having people over, and even in our tiny little house with eleven children and four adults it wasn’t all that crazy! That what happens when you teach your children to not be wild maniacs ;)

Liz feeding her flock :)

Thanks for coming up and hanging out with us, we love you guys! I posted tons of pictures from the day, you’ll have to stop by and see. I’m heading to bed soon, we’ve had a busy and very fun weekend but I wanted to get this post up so I can post pictures from the pumpkin patch we visited yesterday. Hope you all had a wonderful Lord’s Day today!

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  1. How do you find SO many things to go to? Wow.

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