Did you think?…

We’re you thinking that the lull in blogging was due to sickness? Well that was part of it, and this video will explain the rest :)

Announcements from Chris and Jenni on Vimeo.

And for those of you who couldn’t see the video, you guessed it-we’re having another baby! Sometime in the beginning of November. I’m feeling pretty sick today, and extremely tired. Even though these symptoms are hard to deal with, especially with four small children, I welcome them in light of our last miscarriage. Last time I was pregnant I didn’t have those symptoms so I welcome them :) I was explaining to Aidan this morning how I get sick when I smell food, and how food preparation is one of my jobs and yet it makes me sick. He said, “you’re a good mommy, mommy.” Wow, thanks Aidan, that makes it all worth it. There is something about being appreciated isn’t there?

We are excited about this pregnancy, in fact it was my birthday wish! :) This will be the biggest gap between children (by one week!) Cait and this next baby will be about 19 months apart, there are 18 months 3 weeks between Aidan and Eamon, 17 between Eamon and Guenna and 12 1/2 between Guenna and Cait. I’m excited to have a birthday bud for Eamon (he’s mid-October).

Well I better go deal with the children, I think Guenna needs a nap :)

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18 Responses to Did you think?…

  1. Kelley says:

    Thank you for sharing the news!!!!I have been holding it in for a week and I was about to BURST!!!!
    So excited for the Burns family. The video was sweet.
    Love you all

  2. Krystle says:

    Dang it, Dang it, Dang it!!

    I can’t watch the video at work… BUTTtttt I bet I can guess it!!

  3. I can’t watch it either. Oh well.

  4. Krystle says:

    What a blessing! Congratulations!!

  5. sara says:

    CONGRATS!!!! We are so excited for you! What a wonderful blessing!

  6. nanajudi says:

    Sooo…does this mean I can tell people, now?! I haven’t even said anything to your sister or brothers, though I suppose you have by now!! That was great! The boys were REALLY excited! I knew they would be, but I was glad I got to see it!! I Love you all so much!

  7. Kim says:

    Congrats!! What a wonderful blessing!

  8. Krystle says:

    I just was able to watch the video! Absolutely adorable! Aidan sure has his mind set on twins! ;)

  9. Jennie says:

    Wow! Congratulations! You’ll have enough for a soccer team soon! Take care of yourself.

  10. Liz says:

    HoooooooooooOOOOOh my gosh—do I ever love Aidan’s face in that video. It’s trut that a picture (and so much more a video) says a thousand words!!!

    BIG HUGE Congrats again you guys.


  11. Liz says:

    uh….true. Yeah. That’s what I meant to say. derrrr….

  12. Rachel says:

    Today? I love that question!!!


  13. amelia says:

    How exciting. Congratulations!!!

  14. Jana says:

    We are so excited for you guys and that video is just priceless!

    Congratulations again! Brandi was just thrilled when I told her the news too.

    We really miss you guys. it has been a winter filled with births and sickness around here. It sounds like you have dealt with a lot of sickness too. Hopefully as spring approaches….the sickies will go away and we can soon get together again. It looks like we will probably be settling into our new house in about five weeks too.

    Have a blessed day and thanks again, jenni, for picking up that stuff last night. I hope the shower went really well!

    Love and hugs,


  15. Karen says:

    Wahoo! That was a GREAT video! What fun.

    I hope you are able to stay on top of things…if you lived closer, I could help out!

    Bless and love you,

  16. Robin says:

    Blessings…again and again! You are a wonderful family. Cute counting by Aiden.

  17. Nicole says:

    Aidan sure has a lot of unique facial expressions. I cracked up! Congrats…what a blessing!

  18. Yay! I finally got to see it. (It was nice to be able to read the news but I wanted to see the way you intended the news to go out too!)

    Its so.. amazing to watch the video and remember Eamon when he was the baby. And now he’s the big brother. And he just LOOKS the part.

    And of course Aidan is so tall and OLD. My head says he’s only X years old (5? I think) but he looks like he’s about to be a teenager or something next to all his siblings. You are raising good kids here.

    Unfortunately, I think I’ll miss your next, except for in videos and blog posts :( As we really mean to leave the state this year.

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