Please Pray for a Brother in the Lord

We have a dear brother in the Lord, Barry Sindlinger, who is in real need of prayer and we would like to ask you all to join us in praying for him and his family. Barry is the music director at our church, concert pianist/composer, and his job is music director at the Christian school at our church. This past week Barry has had a stroke which has left him without movement to his entire right side. This poses a huge problem, Barry needs to be able to use his hands and legs in order to provide for his family in the way that he has been so gifted, and his talents are so appreciated.


Here are some specifics:

-Prayer for complete healing and restoration to his right side

-Prayer for provision-they have discovered that he has severe sleep apnea which probably caused the high blood pressure/stroke. They need to purchase a machine that will cost $1400, plus all the extra expenses for travel etc. during his therapy, as well as the work that is lost during his recovery

-Prayer for peace for their family. Marilee homeschools their five children and she has not been able to be with them this past week.

-Prayer for grace and perspective as they travel on this road together. Thank you all for praying for the Sindlinger family. Bless you!

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3 Responses to Please Pray for a Brother in the Lord

  1. Kelley says:

    The Ahearn’s will be praying!
    Thank you for sharing the prayer request. let him know he is not going through this alone.
    Love you

  2. Greg Howlett says:

    Could you email me an update on Barry? I went to college with him and just for some reason felt like looking him up online. So, I was surprised and dismayed to see this.

  3. Robbie Wigtil Loewen says:


    I recently became interested in Barry’s 52 Secrets etc, and have been reading his info and was hoping to attend a 2008 workshop of his when I ran across this.

    I am also a sister in the Lord.

    I will be praying for him. Isn’t it just like the Devil to strike us like that.

    However, I know several others who have had full recoveries and even my mother in law – who has returned to playing the piano as well and as often as ever. And she is very good.

    So I hope that will encourage him.

    Can you update this post from time to time – as to his progress.

    Praying for Mercy and Healing,

    Robbie Wigtil Loewen

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