Cait is pulling herself up!

Cait is pulling herself up! from Chris and Jenni on Vimeo.
Cait is getting so big! I took this video a couple weeks ago and now she is walking along furniture and getting around pretty good, she’s so proud of herself :) and of course we are too! Poor baby though, she’s got the sickies today. Guenna had a fever for a couple days now just has a cold, then Aidan and Eamon had it at the same time and Aidan threw up once, now Cait has it and has been pretty miserable today, poor baby. But we are all really hoping that everyone is well enough to go for a walk tomorrow, the weather has been so nice lately and we are all ready to get out and enjoy it!

Making some Whole Wheat bread right now so I can make some yummy tuna melts. I will make rolls and cut them open and put the tuna mixture in the open bread, then a slice of cheese and melt in the oven, sooo very tasty! We always serve it with applesauce :)

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  1. sara says:

    yea cait! she’s getting to be such a big girl! I love the picture with her piggy tails.

    those sandwiches sound so yummy, I think I am going to make one for dinner for me… david is going to walk in smell it, and want one too I am sure!

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