A Tea Party with Macey

Today one of our little friends came over for the morning. The kids were SOOOO excited about having her over. Eamon wanted to keep her. He asked me, “mommy, is she going to stay here forever?” I replied, “no hon, she has a family and she is just staying with us for today.” “But I want her to stay with us forever.” Well, I managed to distract him from that train of thought, and then we decided to play dress up and have a tea party.

Playing dress up with our friend Macey
Macey didn’t want to take her Elmo jacket off so we dressed up over the jacket. And her mom tells me later that she has lots of dress up clothes but has never wanted to wear any, some how I convinced her, must have been Guenna-peer-pressure :) Maybe she will want to dress up at home now. Thanks for coming over Macey, you brightened up our day today! Hope you come over again soon!

Tea Party!

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2 Responses to A Tea Party with Macey

  1. Wow. Whose bed is that they are sitting on? It’s adorable!

  2. Jenni says:

    That is Guenna’s new toddler bed :)

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