Bye-Bye Snoopy!

Fare well Snoopy! from Christian Burns on Vimeo.

We are going to miss you Snoopy, isn’t it funny how you can feel so emotional about a chicken? We decided last week that we needed to find a new home for Snoopy as he has demonstrated aggressive behavior towards the kids, especially Eamon and Guenna. So I put an add on freecycle and got a couple responses. This morning a nice lady came to pick him up and she had already picked out five of her hens to be “his.” I think he will do just fine with them, but we will miss him. Maybe we will get another rooster one day but for now we are going to do fine without.

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4 Responses to Bye-Bye Snoopy!

  1. sara says:

    :-( Aw, that is too bad you had to get rid of him. Certainly understnd the reasons though and hopefully he will like his new home… are the kids doing okay with it, they seemed so excited on previous posts about having him.

  2. Kelley says:

    I would suggest a bantam rooster they are friendly we called our rooster Bob we loved him and also cried when he died!
    Mourning with you,
    Love you Kelley

  3. Jenni says:

    Thanks ladies, I think the boys will do fine. Guenna doesn’t really understand that he is gone yet but we will see tomorrow when she goes out to check the eggs and she always talks about Snoopy. She may not even notice but he’s the only one she calls by name so she might, who knows. I think it is harder for me than anybody else, he was my little baby and followed me everywhere for the longest time and then all of the sudden he was attacking me every time I went outside until I finally had to carry a stick with me to teach him not to attack me, I didn’t have to hit him just push him away with it. Oh well, hopefully we will get another one one day :)

    Kelley, you know what is funny is that he was a cross of a English bantum and I think a Rhode Island Red, his daddy was a bantum for sure. I think he was just the luck of the draw :) I think in the spring we might get a couple more babies but we will see. Kelley I was wondering if you know about sick chickens? One of our banties seems to be not well. She never comes out of the coop and her feathers are fluffy most of the time and she seems to have a limp but it’s hard to tell because I don’t see her walking much. She hasn’t really come out since we got the other hens which is understandable but our other banty grazes outdoors so I’m just wondering if you or anyone else who have had chickens might have some thoughts. Thanks :)

  4. Catherine says:

    Aww, Snoopy was your first chicken, right? That is sad that you had to get rid of him, but I know I would have done the same if he was being aggressive with my kiddos.

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