Guenna Knows Her Letters

Guenna Knows Her Letters! from Christian Burns on Vimeo.

About a week and a half I ago I discovered that Guenna knew several of her letter, with just a little bit of work she now knows almost all of her letters and she’s not even two yet! She will be two in two months. I was just realizing last night that Aidan didn’t start really learning to recognize his letters until he was about 3 1/2, Eamon was about 3 and Guenna is not even two. Wow, if we keep this up Cait will start saying her letters at a year! :)

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2 Responses to Guenna Knows Her Letters

  1. Kelley says:

    Oh Jenni,

    What this shows us is you are “homeschooling” your children just by living, You are naturally teaching her. That is how we taught our children. Nic did not read until he was twelve, but today know one can even tell it took him that long to learn. Our Elizabeth read her children’s Bible at the age of three and to this day every Monday you will find her cuddled up in a chair reading. You are awesome at mothering! Keep serving for there will be a day when they rise and call you BLESSED!!! I love you So, Kelley

  2. Nana Joan says:

    This girl is amazing. I could hardly believe my ears when we were there. I noticed how much she’s grown from the heading picture on your website. :o) She really enjoys her “Letters” and you’ve done a wonderful job encouraging her! What a great Mom you are!
    Love you,

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