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Life is just hard sometimes

Lately, I have had this knot in my stomach. It just doesn’t want to go away. Without going into all the details, it has to do with a leaky roof and the damage from that leaky roof. Eventually we will … Continue reading

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A little bookshelf I built for the girls today

The girls like to keep books in their room, they seem to have accumulated quite a few books that have been scattered all over their room. Today while I was helping them clean I decided to take some of the … Continue reading

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Catching up…

It’s been awhile since I last did an entry here. Hmmmm, where to start? Let’s see, I started a little business hatching and selling baby quail chicks. We bought a new van and that weekend I got some bad blood … Continue reading

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Sunny Day, Working on the Coop Again

The kids and I got outside today again to work on the coop, granted I didn’t get much done. But we went out nevertheless and it was just nice to be out in the fresh air. I realizing though that … Continue reading

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Working on the Coop!

My friend Rana came over yesterday with her two kids. They mostly played while we worked, but Aidan did help a little :) She was so nice to offer to come help me, she pounded some nails for me and … Continue reading

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