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At least now we know he’s not allergic to peanuts?!

The other morning I was distracted in the living room, enjoying a little peace and quiet before the rest of the kids woke up, I was proud of myself for getting up before all the kids and getting the milking … Continue reading

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Guenna and Aidan on Fictional Characters…

Guenna is random. she will speak her mind as soon as she thinks it. Sometimes we can anticipate what she’s going to say in public and draw her away or cover her mouth, other times we are caught off guard, … Continue reading

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More sick days

This morning I woke up to a delightfully back to normal knee, no tears or breaks I’m sure! Thank you Lord! But when I stood up I realized that I was feeling awfully queazy, it was only 5:00, maybe I … Continue reading

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Mom knows best

Aidan – “Daddy, can we put on those costumes?” Mind you, they had just removed ALL of the costumes and girls dresses from their hangers in their closet and the discipline had been, applied. Daddy – “No, you’re not going … Continue reading

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“Dear Lord, thank you for your provision…”

“…please multiply these pancakes like you multiplied the bread and the fish…” “…Wow! Look at this, it’s a miracle! God made my pancakes bigger!” Mommy – “Aidan, before you eat your little pancakes, let’s take some pictures.” Aidan – “No … Continue reading

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