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Christmas 2011

Christmas with a bunch of little ones is always a mysterious and exciting time! This year was no exception in spite of my lack of motivation because of being pregnant and having “vein issues.” It doesn’t take much extra effort … Continue reading

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Six Years, and four babies and we’ve still got the heat!

Remembering that day, it was so surreal. The anticipation, our first kiss, discovering a what it means to be man and wife. There is so much joy and excitement and newness in the long awaited wedding day. Six years later, … Continue reading

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Yeah!!! The Cousins are Here!!!

We are so excited that all the aunties and uncles and cousins arrived in WA late last night. We are all a little tired from the late night last night. Today was a fun day of all the kids getting … Continue reading

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Ready for a healthy holiday treat?

Try my Whole Wheat Pumpkin Scones! They are so yummy!

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Joy to the World!

Practicing “Joy to the World” from Christian Burns on Vimeo.

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New Christmas Dresses-yeah!!!

Christmas Dresses-Guenevere and Caitriona-2007 from Christian Burns on Vimeo.

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Decorating our Christmas tree

Decorating our Christmas Tree-2007 from Christian Burns on Vimeo.

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Snow! Originally uploaded by Chris and Jenni. Our first snow of the year (or I should say of the winter season) happened yesterday/today! The kids get so excited to see the beautiful white stuff falling from the sky. It’s funny … Continue reading

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Dress-up day…

  The other day I was at Wal-Mart buying a couple of the essential household items, when I heard this announcement over the intercom, “Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, all Halloween costumes at the front of the store are now, just $2.00, … Continue reading

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How many friends do you have to have present to count it as a birthday party? At least one little girl and one little boy! We were going to have a small party with two other families today but one … Continue reading

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Birthday Bliss

Guenna’s birthday party was a total blast! It’s kind of funny though, we only had one other little girl there, her little neighbor friend Charlie who was only there until after she opened her present but somehow we managed to … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day to my Love!

Red Roses Originally uploaded by Chris and Jenni. Sweet red roses from the love of my life! I don’t think I’ve ever gotten red roses from a man before :) What a perfect occasion to receive them, isn’t he sweet … Continue reading

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Long overdue post

I’m finally posting our pictures of the boys in their capes for halloween. I made these little capes for the boys out of inexpensive material from Walmart, they were fairly easy to make and the boys love them! Aidan decided … Continue reading

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls

Well here they are, more holiday sweets :) These Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls turned out really good. And just so you don’t think that we are just pigging out here for the next two months, I have actually made them … Continue reading

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