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Grandma Jean, We LOVE you so much!

How I miss the days of living next door to this dear lady! You could go over at almost any time of the night (say before 12am) and Grandma was ready to challenge you to a game of Aggravation, or … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye to an Amazing Woman…

This morning my great aunt Dottie went home to be with her Lord after several years of fighting cancer. She is my grandmother Jean Webster’s baby sister, and aside from my grandpa was her dearest friend. When I think of … Continue reading

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Is it fall already?!! Life just wont slow down!

Well, here I am. My baby Jack is already 3 months old and I’ve let time and my journal slip away from me. But I’m not going to cry over it, Chris just bought me a laptop last night and … Continue reading

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Feeling a bit down

I probably shouldn’t write, but some days I need to write to process the stuff in my head. I’ve been feeling a little down lately, trying to just stuff it and not really identify what is in my heart. Tonight … Continue reading

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Two weeks already?!

I was asking Chris to get a picture of Jack and I up close, isn’t this cute? Hey, what are you doing here? We are trying to get a picture of our faces bud! Oh, I see! I guess you … Continue reading

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Getting things done!

Today we accomplished one of the bigger items on my “To-Do List“! For months Chris and I have been dreaming about turning our office into a homeschool room for the kids. I made a double homeschool desk quite a while … Continue reading

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Okay, time to make my To-Do List!

I’ve put it off long enough, and this time I’ve even had my sweet husband asking me to make “him” a to-do list. I think my post yesterday has helped me identify my strange inward feelings this pregnancy and I’ve … Continue reading

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Reconciliation with our children, how important is this?

I know I don’t usually start out my posts with a scripture, but please take a moment a think on this scripture in 1 Corinthians. 1 Corinthian 5: 17-21 “17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has … Continue reading

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Catching up…

It’s been awhile since I last did an entry here. Hmmmm, where to start? Let’s see, I started a little business hatching and selling baby quail chicks. We bought a new van and that weekend I got some bad blood … Continue reading

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Things That Matter – Homeschooling with a Fresh Perspective

(Disclaimer: This is my personal journal, and these are my own experiences, you are welcome to read if you like. It’s not meant to make the reader think I’m trying to preach or persuade you or make you feel bad … Continue reading

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Christmas 2011

Christmas with a bunch of little ones is always a mysterious and exciting time! This year was no exception in spite of my lack of motivation because of being pregnant and having “vein issues.” It doesn’t take much extra effort … Continue reading

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Just trying to see if this works, posting from my iPhone

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How Can You Justify Having SO Many Kids?!

Today was not unlike many other days at Walmart. Victoria in the cart seat, Connor in the basket with all the items we were going to buy, and the other four in line behind me, Cait closest to me and … Continue reading

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The Importance of a Letter of Explanation…

I’ve been thinking lately about why I feel it’s so important to journal (and for those of you, my offspring who might have wished to see something of my own hand, I tried that from the time I was 12 … Continue reading

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Mopping Blues

You know, of all the daily tasks I do, the task of mopping the floor is one of the chores that gets done the least. Okay let’s be honest, I don’t mop my floor nearly enough, maybe once a month … Continue reading

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