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Birth Story of Victoria Jael, part 1

Nearly every mom who’s given birth can understand the concept that “birth is a journey.” For me anyway, each birth is a unique experience, and pregnancy, labor, and delivery are all part of God’s refining moments in my journey of … Continue reading

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She’s coming, today!!

Well the day has finally come, the midwife is on her way. I apparently have all my ducks in a row or maybe it’s more like, ready or not here she comes! I’m typing between contractions, and boy it’s hard … Continue reading

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Trying hard to not count down the days until baby comes…

Here I am, working on the coop. Chris had been working on the coop and I was just watching mostly so I made him let me make the little ladder for the roost. I get a bit bored when I … Continue reading

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Getting Closer…

The funny thing is that I was really thinking the baby was coming this past Monday, now I feel like she’s settled in for another month or so! (But I’m sure I’m wrong, I’m about a week and a half … Continue reading

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I’d do it all over again!

I certainly would. Nine months of nausea, aching hips, heartburn, aching back and legs, varicose veins, etc., etc….All of that to lead you up to some of the worst pains you’ve ever felt, for hours on end with no apparent … Continue reading

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Nine inch baby

How’s that for a title? Yes it’s true, our little baby is supposedly nine inches, crown of the head to his little rump! Isn’t that amazing? I put a measuring tape across my belly yesterday so the kids can visually … Continue reading

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