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What kind of mommy are you?

Last night I was working with Guenna helping her learn how to use her new mini sewing machine she got for Christmas from someone special :) She had almost finished her mini pillow she made for her baby doll “Jack” … Continue reading

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Dishes? What dishes?!

The last two nights the girls have been doing the dishes. It’s another one of those chores that I’ve just felt it was easier to do myself, (what was I thinking?) Or to let my mom do, she’s pretty good … Continue reading

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Laundry, maybe I don’t loathe you quite so much?

Tonight I am thankful for my big boys, they are getting to be pretty capable young men (Aidan told Chris and I at the table tonight that he wants to get a job cleaning houses-isn’t he precious, he only needs … Continue reading

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Going Deeper

Aidan has always been a deep well. A thinking child, kind of an “old soul” as some say. He has deep convictions, and fears, he feels great empathy as well as hurt when he is wronged, he has a deep … Continue reading

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Daddy is such a party pooper!

I can’t understand why daddy doesn’t want to keep markers in the house, I actually really like them! He just doesn’t understand how fun they are… Not to mention how yummy they taste! Plus I think I look pretty cool … Continue reading

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A little bookshelf I built for the girls today

The girls like to keep books in their room, they seem to have accumulated quite a few books that have been scattered all over their room. Today while I was helping them clean I decided to take some of the … Continue reading

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At least now we know he’s not allergic to peanuts?!

The other morning I was distracted in the living room, enjoying a little peace and quiet before the rest of the kids woke up, I was proud of myself for getting up before all the kids and getting the milking … Continue reading

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Farm Drama

Sometimes having a farm is sweet and fun, like this cute little baby bunny… Sometimes, those bunnies grow up and figure out how to get out of their cages… Sometimes, messing with “Mother Nature” doesn’t work out how we want … Continue reading

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Classic Cait

Do you have a child who is always pushing the boundaries? Someone who sees so much more to living than what they have in front of them? We do. I’ll be honest, some days parenting one of these dear ones … Continue reading

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Taking obedience to the next level

Last night I told the kids, “Okay, everybody. Whoever can get to bed quickly will get a nickle!” Connor and his big brothers all got a nickel and I told the boys, “If you boys don’t whine and complain and … Continue reading

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Summer…is it over already?!

We’ve had a lovely summer, with very little drama. Victoria is still going through nearly daily counseling over the loss of her princess shoe over the cliff when we went on a little hike at New Halem, but other than … Continue reading

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Getting Away…

Do you ever take a break from the grind? We usually spend our Saturdays doing projects, mowing the lawn, fixing stuff on the farm, organizing yet another messy pile of salvaged wood or things that we saved because we knew … Continue reading

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Connor has reached the “age of randomness”

I love the age “4”. There is something so special and unique about 4-year-olds. They have come out of the phase of baby talk, but haven’t entered the age of logic and reason completely. They often blurt out what is … Continue reading

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Kids…you can never have too many!

If you know me, or have read my blog for long you may have gotten the idea that I like kids. We have seven, so I guess that’s a good thing. I partially convinced my husband to get me goats … Continue reading

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Aidan’s braces – phase 2

It’s been a month since Aidan got his braces put on and it’s looking like that big tooth in the front has already moved back a little so that’s encouraging! Yesterday he got two more braces put on. During the … Continue reading

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