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Another open workspace

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We’ve been in a seemingly rather long season, I call this season…hmmm…not chaos, change? The other day I was thinking about why it’s been so hard for me to blog there are a few reasons. 1. Facebook-robs pretty much all … Continue reading

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Fixing stuff

Well, I finally did it. I finally fixed my website, it’s only taken me about 2 years. So this could be a good thing, maybe I’m getting ready to bust out of my two-year shell and really start blogging again? … Continue reading

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Just a few fun pictures

Our kitties, Willow and Jessie. They’ve officially been kicked outside until next winter :) Jessie’s a great mouser and we are so thankful for her, the kids love both the kitties, we’re so glad to have them! Victoria is just … Continue reading

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Spring is finally here!

Victoria is saying, “Good bye winter, HELLO spring!! It’s been a long winter here in Concrete WA. And I have a feeling that for the rest of WA it’s been long too! We’ve had lots of cold days, and lots … Continue reading

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Aidan this morning…

Aidan went to the recliner and climbed up into it and then dramatically said, “EAMON! Wont you pray for me? I’m REALLY REALLY tired!”  My poor son, who woke up at 9:00 this morning and is still in his pajamas … Continue reading

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