Dandy Girl I am going to miss you dearly!

I bought Dandelion a couple summers ago and she was my favorite from the get go. When she was tiny I would sit on a pallet in their field and she would hop up on my lap and sprawl. She continued doing this, I called her my “lap goat”, I believe the last time she did this was 2 days before she delivered her first set of twins. Silly girl. She was such a lover.

Saying Goodbye to Dandelion  Early this spring, Chris and I decided that we are going to rehome the goats and pigs just so that I can have more time to focus on school and we also would like to be able to focus on doing some traveling next year. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve thought, “I’ll just keep two this winter…” and then had to talk myself out of it. It’s really heartbreaking to me. Just writing this post I’m having to choke back the tears. Saying Goodbye to Dandelion

Thankfully when I’m feeling like changing the course that we feel like we need to be on for this coming year, my hubby has been so careful to remind me where we’re going. :) I love my little farm, but I need to recharge and take some time to figure out what we really want out of the farm as a family, not just me. Taking a year or two off will help us decide together what our next project will be.

Saying Goodbye to Dandelion

I’m so grateful that my good friend Corina took Dandelion and is taking wonderful care of her (check out her website, lots of homesteading goodness there!), she is very happy with her new home and her new family, which makes it a “little” easier. But I still feel weepy when I think about her. We miss her so much. Saying Goodbye to Dandelion

This is her little “Tulip” who acts a lot like her mama only is more timid. But she has the same spunk and love for life. And she looks so much like her, so I’m enjoying her while she’s with us. And little Ginger is Gracie’s little one, they are both going to a wonderful new home sometime in Sept. We are just soaking up the time that we have with our sweet little caprine friends.
Saying Goodbye to DandelionSaying Goodbye to Dandelion

Saying Goodbye to Dandelion

I love you Dandy.

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