An Era without a Stroller? Huh?


I keep waiting for life to slow down a bit, then I will blog more. But it’s just not happening. In fact I feel as though we are picking up speed and moving forward…wait did I just say moving “FORWARD”? The past 12 years we have known nothing but diapers and strollers, playpens and more and more diapers, and then maybe one more stroller for the grumpy kid who doesn’t really need a stroller anymore ;)


So this is strange. We haven’t used a stroller for quite some time now. Sometimes I walk ALL the children, from the car into the store, although most of the time 2 of them still go into the cart on the way to the store). We are even starting to enjoy day hikes as a family. Haven’t done a whole lot of those in the past because I can’t carry babies on my back for very long without my back hurting me for weeks. Chris discovered that he can take the kids on an extended walk if the littles have a walking stick (Jack calls his something different, you figure it out but it’s pretty funny). So it’s pretty amazing, these sticks give the little ones something to focus on, Jack usually pushes his stick in the dirt or pokes things with it, or tries to whack his siblings, but for the most part he’s good.


We are moving forward. With gaining momentum. I remember feeling like we were going to be in this snail’s pace crawl forever. But we are making progress. The big kids take showers on their own, the boys have started mowing the lawn this year, they can help with the farm chores, the cooking, so much of the cleaning, 4 of them CAN READ! Things are changing, it’s good. I still miss the babies but I am loving this stage too. And Jack has promised me that he wont grow up but he would always be able to sit in my lap. I said, “well, Aidan said he would stay little but he doesn’t sit in my lap.” He said very possessively, “No! Only Jack.” :)


He’s three today. Three. My baby boy is three? How did that happen? I’ve always had a baby by this time. I’m enjoying him though. It’s been a good crazy 3 years. Jack was like having 2 babies. He is so busy and sooooo into everything. Loving this stage of life and all of it’s joys and challenges. So much more to share but gotta go get ready for Jack’s little birthday celebration :)

Looking forward to this next stage of life with all of it’s new adventures, together with this family God has blessed us with!

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