Writers Block


At the beginning of last year I had decided I was going to blog more. We’ve had this blog for 13+ years and over the years I’ve done a pretty good job keeping up a chronicle of the days of this family. But Last year I posted 4 times. In 365 I only found the time to write 4 posts. Granted I have a few excuses but it really does bother me.

But do you see the picture up there? That’s my computer. Jack helped me out with that many moons ago and kind of stripped my desire for blogging away, along with the keys that remain un-fixable. The clamp on the side of the computer, it’s not really there for looks. If we don’t put the clamp there then the computer will not charge, which means no computer. So there you have it, my big excuses. It’s hard to type with the letters missing, but even harder when you have to maneuver around a clamp. Plus I have been taking pictures with my tablet. In order to get them in the post I have to email them to myself, then save, download, extract, edit, resize, export, locate and then upload to my blog. It’s an annoying process, to say the least.


Here’s my new and improved setup. I have a keyboard with all the keys, and a nice little mouse. And I don’t have to type around a clamp. I got my good camera back (the charger had been missing since October, then we bought a new one and I left the camera down south at my auntie Terri’s house over the holidays). So yesterday we got the camera back, AND “Murphy’s Law”, found the old charger. So no more excuses. I’ve got a nice set up in the Red Room, got my camera back, and tons of stuff to write about this year. It’s a new day. I can feel it. I’m going to get back into the swing of writing. I’ve been in a funk since we moved here in 2009 and it’s time to get back in the saddle. :) Hopefully a few of my faithful readers will join me here again.

Really looking forward to this new season in our lives. And hoping that you all are well and looking forward to this new year with it’s new challenges and adventures.

I think that a new laptop may possibly be in my near future. Which would be totally awesome :)

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