Going Deeper

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Aidan has always been a deep well. A thinking child, kind of an “old soul” as some say. He has deep convictions, and fears, he feels great empathy as well as hurt when he is wronged, he has a deep sense of injustice and wants so truly for everyone to be in line, with God and for things to be just the way God intended them to be. Not just everyone else, but for himself too.

Tonight we had another one of those talks. Started by a conversation that he was having with daddy, I don’t even remember about what (he would remember, he could probably recall all the details of our whole conversation, and the last one, and the one before that). He has a remarkable memory, one that I think haunts him at times. He remembers the looks people made at him, or the way he felt when someone said something unkind, four years ago.

We talked about these things tonight, and he told me some things he’d been wanting to share with me, like about how sometimes I don’t discipline Victoria when she is being unkind and how that makes him feel. So we got to talk about it. I shared with him how in life there are going to be so many people fail you, fail him. But in those times we have to fix our eyes on the only thing that is constant, Our Christ, the Great Redeemer, the Steadfast One. He will never change, He is always faithful. And one day He will make all things right in the world.

We talked for quite some time and when I told him I needed to go wash the girls hair he said, “thanks mom, I love it when we talk like this.” I could see the peace coming over him and it warmed my heart. I told him that I look forward to many many more talks like this as he grows into a man.” He said with a smile, “Me too.”

I love this young man. I don’t always know how to be the best and most constant mom for him. I sadly fall short, daily. But I am so thankful that I can lean on the everlasting arms of my Heavenly Father who gives me strength each day to do this job. I put my children in His hands, He is faithful.

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2 Responses to Going Deeper

  1. Virginia says:

    Oh, what precious moments! I think Logan is a lot like Aiden (and my Mekaela like your Victoria) and it sort of terrifies me. I was all set to have all boys, cause they just seemed easier to raise – not all feely and fragile and stuff but now… maybe not?
    The things you write encourage and inspire me, and any insight you share is one I don’t have to figure out by myself! Keep it up, please!

    • Jenni says:

      Virginia, so glad to encourage and inspire :) I think I thought the same thing about boys, but I’ve come to learn that all children have deep feelings and can all be very fragile, but some let things go easier, some hold their emotions back, some hold onto their emotions, and some wear them on their shirt sleeves. I have a whole gamut of emotions running around in our household and have to daily try to figure out how to handle them all. Thankfully I don’t do it on my own, I would go insane :) God is gracious to me, and guides us daily! And just when we think we have them figured out, we need His grace and wisdom for a “new” attitude or challenge. You’re doing a great job as well, keep it up Virginia :)

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