Summer…is it over already?!

We’ve had a lovely summer, with very little drama. Victoria is still going through nearly daily counseling over the loss of her princess shoe over the cliff when we went on a little hike at New Halem, but other than that we’ve been good. In fact the other day I was snuggling with Victoria and she said something silly, I laughed “oh Victoria, what am I going to do with you?!” She quickly made up her mind, “Um, don’t drop me over the cliff.” Post traumatic stress syndrome.
Chris and I discuss daily what a precious girl she is, and in the midst of the same thought are reminded of how very three she is. We are on our vacation right now at Birch Bay (pictures and blog to follow), and she is back to her old ways of wanting daddy to do everything. I want daddy to change me, daddy to dress me, daddy to put my lid on, daddy to buckle me, daddy to tuck me in and put my bandaide on, etc. etc. etc. She’s had her daddy around all week and I think she’d like to keep it that way, thank you very much.

I’m getting ahead of myself…summer!
Evening gardening

We’ve had so much fun this summer. It’s been a LOT of work, but we’ve had so much fun as well. These little people have been such great helpers in the garden! Victoria will often be found in the garden, first thing in the morning, with two shoes that don’t belong to her (or each other), in her pj’s wandering around the beds, watering and sniffing and admiring. She’s really coming into herself, such a joy to watch!

4th of July parade 2013

The girls all got a haircut this summer, I knew I was going to be really busy with all the projects and as much as I didn’t want to I cut all their hair short. But I’m glad I did, it looks cute on all of them but they are all ready to grow it out again :)

Wildwood chapel

We made another trip down Hwy 20 to Marblemount, and stopped at Wildwood Chapel on the way home. The kids so enjoy all these little experiences, it’s fun to watch them and seeing their creativity and imaginations go wild.

Wildwood chapel

The adventures never end!

In the trees

These are some of the cutest kids :)

All the Burns kids at the Wildwood chaple

Another fun little spot by the river. It’s funny because everyone is happy here but in just a few minutes Victoria falls down a little hill and gets hurt and all the fun is over, so quickly. It’s our life, constantly on the brink of a melt down. We wont always be there but that’s been our life for the past 10 years.

Such a fun little place to play by the river

Another little part of our summer. All three big kids have the same top tooth missing. Aidan has to have surgery to get his, so who’s going to get their permanent tooth first?!

All three big kids with the same missing top left tooth :)

These three are pretty good buds, they do a lot together and in spite of the boys being closer in age they include Guenna in a lot of their play. Sweet brothers, love them!


So silly!

Garden pics!

Okay mom! Pretty pink Tigridia, pretty girl too! White Tigridia, sweet Caitee girl! Victoria's little bed, just getting goin! Cute little gardeners :) Connor showing off his garden to nana Judi Growing veggies! Aidan and Eamon inspecting our garden, they are quite the little gardeners!

And a whole bunch more on our flickr account, just click on any of the pictures to see the rest.

Our biggest project this year has been our barn project. We’ve made great progress so far but we are still not done yet. This coming week we’ll be taking the week to finish it, unfortunately it’s supposed to rain, we were really hoping to beat the rain. But rain or shine, it has to get done! Chris has been amazing and inventive and we’ve both really enjoyed creating it.

Barn building

Jack has been Chris’ biggest helper!

Little helpers

I’ll have to dedicate a post just to the barn when we get it finished. It has inspired us both to dream bigger and create!

The structure of the barn finished, now to put on the roof

I don’t have any current pics of the barn uploaded yet, but I will soon!

No summer is complete without a big summer birthday party! Eian turned 5 this year and all the cousins had a blast playing together :)

Eian's 5th birthday party, look at all the cousins!

The kids have had fun creating this summer too. Their latest fun thing to create has been clay creatures. They made some really neat “angry birds” and “turbo snails” and then made a Lego house for all their small creatures. I love their creativity and the way they work together, one will get an idea and they will all run with it. It makes me so happy when the one with the idea (usually Aidan) doesn’t get offended when his siblings want to create similarly, and then they all play with their new creations together. Most of the time. :) They are HUMAN children!

Angry Bird's the kids made out of clay Turbo snails

Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house Lego Angry Bird house

Well, I was hoping to do my whole summer update in one post but I think this post is long enough and I need to get back to my vacation. We head back home tomorrow and we are all ready to go home. We’ve had such a great time hanging out with each other and having some time away from our little farm but honestly most of us just want to get home. And we are pretty sure our goats missed us, they’ve been getting out all week :( Our poor sweet neighbors! So aparently our barn and fences need some attention. Feeling thankful for what we have, for the home that is calling us back, for the children God has blessed us with who are our very favorite people to spend time with, for neighbors and friends who are taking care of our chores while we are gone, for nanas and papa who spent several days with us on our vacation and love spending time with our favorite people. We are so blessed!

A little tease from our vacation…

Birch Bay 2013

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