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Do you ever take a break from the grind? We usually spend our Saturdays doing projects, mowing the lawn, fixing stuff on the farm, organizing yet another messy pile of salvaged wood or things that we saved because we knew we’d need them one day. This past Saturday we milked the goats in the morning, had some breakfast, made sure the kids looked “decent” and headed out for a day of deep breathing in God’s beautiful creation, the North Cascade’s. If you haven’t ever taken Hwy 20 about 1 1/2 hours east of I-5, Burlington, you really need to. The drive is breathtaking! I’m not going to narrate a whole lot but wanted to post a few of the zillion pictures we took. It’s been about 4 or 5 years since we’ve gone out there which is kind of crazy because Newhalem is only 45 minutes from our house! The kids had so much fun and I think all their little love tanks were filled by the end of the day. It was a beautiful trip, and we have so much to be thankful for!

Connor was especially impressed with the train at Newhalem! But let’s be honest, what four-year-old boy wouldn’t be?!


I’m on top of the world! :)

No, I did not feel that it was necessary to include Jack in this picture, it was frightening enough letting our “loose cannon” Victoria up there out of our reach!

I kept these luscious little rolls and curls to myself, or at least mostly grounded. Not that he wouldn’t have loved climbing all over that train!


No train is complete without a bell!

Okay, here is all seven of them, safe behind bars! :)

I’m saying, “okay Victoria that is enough, isn’t that squeak really loud?” She’s saying, “GO DOWN MOMMY!”…Squeak!!!

They had so much fun pretending to be working on the train!

We met a couple from West Virginia biking from Mt. Vernon, WA to Maine!! What a neat couple, wish would could have packed up all the kids and gone with them! Thanks for chatting with us Jerry and Lori!

No feeding the bears!

Nice little hike on the Trail of Cedars. The kids called this bridge “the wobbly bridge” and it was, made my stomach turn a little. But what a great little hike, perfect distance for the kids!



Oh MY Word.


Look mommy! I’m almost taller than this tree! :)

Connor was so sweet. We were walking along hand in hand and he says to me, “Mommy I LOVE vacation! We get to see all kinds of things that we didn’t know about!” That was one of those moments that just made my day!

Kids playing under the “Tower of Power” Seattle City Lights in Newhalem, WA. Great place to visit!

Can’t leave this place without getting an ice cream cone! Five Bubblegum, and one Rocky Road for the kids.

Don’t forget my ice cream, if you do I will scream! :) And look at my handsome husband!

This is the life.

Okay, a little more, and perfect dad. Thanks.

Contemplating his next need.

More dad!

Why are you eating my ice cream?!

My heart is broken, my parents don’t even love me, very much!

Here I am banging on the table and he’s not even going faster! My life is so hard. :(

Messy. Sticky. Gooey. Yummy.

Oh yeah!

Um, no. Maybe next year :)

Babies just make life more fun!

Off to get a better view of the dam, isn’t it pretty?!

In the parking lot before the bridge over a waterfall. Chris opens up the back of the van and right next to his head coiled around the window was a snake! Of course the kids were thrilled and wanted to take it home. Um no. There was a group of young adults from India looking on and laughing at our little Cait carrying this large snake around, Chris explained to them that we don’t have poisonous snakes around here, “Oh!!!” :)

Little sleepy toes, does it get any cuter?!

And then the inevitable happened, Victoria lost one of her princess shoes down the cliff!

Heartbroken. We even bought her some more yesterday at Walmart. But this morning she told me we needed to get a ladder so we can get her princess shoe off the cliff. :)

Walking over the waterfall bridge :)

It’s a long way down!


This is what the bridge is made of so you can see down below you. Kind of freaky!

Still holding onto her lone shoe. This was our last stop before we headed home. What a full day! The weather was perfect and we got home feeling happy and exhausted but sure we need to do something like this again very soon. I think today I realized that we could have a really nice looking lawn/garden and not do anything fun, or we can a little of both :) It’s nice to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation!

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