Connor has reached the “age of randomness”


I love the age “4”. There is something so special and unique about 4-year-olds. They have come out of the phase of baby talk, but haven’t entered the age of logic and reason completely. They often blurt out what is on their mind with no care or thought of who might be listening, and without knowing that one’s factual thoughts might actually hurt someone’s feelings if spoken outloud. Every mom has been there at one point in her mothering career. And we often laugh at each other’s stories, and share those embarrassing moments like a kid sharing his new trophy to his best friend. They are little treasures, that most of us mom’s carry with us that bring a smile to our faces and our hearts when times get a little hairy, as they often do.

Connor is there, he’s officially reached the age of randomness. Like tonight at the table, we are just talking about our day and he starts to tell us about, “when I get married, and I’m at my wedding, and you and daddy can come to my wedding…and then at the end I will kiss my wife…and I will be kind of embarrassed (smirk on his face) cuz then we will do like a karate dance…” Aidan tried to correct him, of course, and tell him that he wont be doing a karate dance. Of course I jump in to assure Connor that if he and his wife want to do a karate dance at their wedding, I’m sure that will be fine. But where in the world, did he get that? I just love it.

So today, I take all the kids to Wal-Mart to give my husband some time to “actually” work on his “at home work day”. It was going pretty well, I had Jack in one cart with me and Connor on the side so I can keep and eye on him. Cait, Guenna and Eamon walking in a line behind me, then Aidan is pushing another cart with Victoria in it because she couldn’t handle Connor touching the cart she was in, ok then. Made it almost to the checkout (for the first time, to buy lunch before we shop), someone, now everyone has to go to the bathroom so we start to head that way. I’m letting Connor hold onto the cart, standing next to me, he hasn’t quite reached the age where I can trust that when I tell him to walk behind me, he will actually walk behind me and not wander off like Victoria does). When a kid is walking next to you, holding onto the cart, it makes the aisle that much smaller, and when I large person needs to get past you it seems even smaller. We had one of those moments, no big deal. But Connor noticed, oh dear. Before I knew it, and just after said lady walks past, Connor says plainly, “that was a…BIG grandma!…A really, REALLY fat grandma!” He actually kept repeating himself quietly, and I was having to deal with someone else at that point so it went on much longer than I would have normally let it before I stopped him. Still need to have a sit down chat with him about that one…who knows if she heard him, I’m just thankful we weren’t walking behind her!

We made it to the restrooms, thankfully. And everybody is quickly filling the stalls, and by the way I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dirtier bathroom than it was today, disgusting! While I’m waiting, there was a sweet mama, changing her baby, and waiting for her kids to use the bathroom, she had four little ones. Then it was my turn, and all the kids are finishing up washing their hands. I get through washing my hands, and turn to leave behind that sweet little family and Connor blurts out, “Mommy! I met some friends that live in the VILLAGE!” I say excitedly, thinking that they had told them something about living in a village while I was using the restroom, “you met some friends that live in a village?” He says excitedly, “YEAH! And they have hats, and buckles, and dress costumes!!!” And that was when I realized that this sweet Mennonite family didn’t say anything to him about living in a village, he just came up with that all on his own. Oops. Oh well. At least he was sincere :)

I love my little random boy, full of life, and love, and hugs, and forgiveness and feeling. So glad for all these moments I can tuck away in my heart. They make the hard moments a little easier, and bring a warm smile to my heart when I feel at times that mothering this little boy couldn’t get any harder (at least I hope it can’t). I love you Connor boy, with ALL my heart!

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2 Responses to Connor has reached the “age of randomness”

  1. Kelley says:

    I so enjoyed your ramblings this morning❤ my coffee tasted sweeter (Conner was the sweetener)❤❤❤❤
    Love you guys today have a fun family Saturday🚑🙆☕🚑🚚🚓🚗🐬🐟🚲🚀🚉🚒🚙

    • Jenni says:

      Thank you Kelley, Connor would appreciate that! Especially since he LOVES coffee, in fact he will sit next to me while I’m drinking coffee and have a conversation with himself about “sipping” my coffee. He’s so cute!

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