Kids…you can never have too many!

If you know me, or have read my blog for long you may have gotten the idea that I like kids. We have seven, so I guess that’s a good thing. I partially convinced my husband to get me goats so that it might help with my addiction to human children (only I don’t know that it’s helping, in fact it might even make it worse but don’t tell Mr. Burns). Anyway, enough about me, you just have to see these, and then you’ll understand.

The cuteness.


Do you see what I mean? The combination of the goat kids and the human kids, it’s just almost too much!

Baby goats,

And then there are the baby bunnies…oh dear!

Little bunnies

Cute kids by the fence…


And another cute kid by the fence…


Cute kid feeding the cute kids


Proud milking maid!


The eyelashes. Ahhhh!


Sometimes my kids are even clean. And when this happens we always try to make sure we take a picture, for proof.


Hopefully this pictorial blog can help you understand why it’s not my fault that I have a “problem” with addiction, it’s their fault. They are so cute, I just can’t help myself!


Lately life has gotten very busy with homeschooling, kidding season, baby bunnies, bottle feeding, gardening, braces, doctor’s appointments and laundry oh and feeding the human kids. I’ve not blogged very much but I’ve been thinking about blogging. My thought this morning was, I wish I could just bottle up these memories, the picture of Jack watching me milk from the window and seeing his excitement as I start to walk towards the house. The statements from Connor about how he loves his baby Jack, last night on our drive into town he says, “I can’t wait to hear how Jack talks when he’s a kid!” The one on one time milking with my older children, little conversations. Planting the garden with each of the kids. Watching Victoria bottle feed the babies and telling Gracie (the mama goat) she’s MEAN because she starts walking towards Victoria. All of it, the tough stuff and the easy stuff. Precious times in the lives of these little ones. My heart is full. I love them all, with every thread of my being. My life is all about them, what an honor to be their mama!

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