Aidan’s braces – phase 2

Phase 2

It’s been a month since Aidan got his braces put on and it’s looking like that big tooth in the front has already moved back a little so that’s encouraging! Yesterday he got two more braces put on. During the appointment the doc thought that maybe he would be able to expose the central incisor (middle one) but after doing quite a bit of cutting on the gums with the lazer he wasn’t able to get to the tooth and decided that we would go ahead with the original plan of letting the oral surgeon take care of it, along with the extra tooth that is up there keeping that big tooth from coming down.

Phase 2

He’s doing pretty good today, in spite of having gum cut away and having a brace attached to a tooth that hasn’t come in yet. The whole orthodonic experience is pretty amazing if you think about it! So thankful to be through that first week which was pretty hard. The next hard thing will be the oral surgery which I’ve heard that even that wont be that big of a deal (although I have a hard time believing it!).

Phase 2

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2 Responses to Aidan’s braces – phase 2

  1. Nana Joan says:

    Looking good, Aidan!! You are a handsome boy and your smile is worth a million!!

  2. nanajudi says:

    I hope it won’t cost THAT much, Nana Joan!! :o)

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