Braces – Phase 1

Happy smiley boy with braces :)

Well, he survived! Because of the missing teeth this is going to be kind of a long process.  On our way there I asked him, “do you want me to be in the room with you?” He said he did. The last two times they’ve had him go back there by himself and have been fairly quick appointments so I didn’t push it. Then he said, “I feel better when you are in there with me mommy.” Oh my little big boy still needs me! I told him that I would just tell them I was going to come back with him! :) He just got the back brackets on the molars and the two braces in the front. They are needing to make room for the permanent tooth to come it and that big front tooth is in the way. In about four weeks they will attach a brace on the other side, they will also open up the gum and attach a brace to the tooth on the left that is almost through the gum. The orthodontist said that it’s probably going to be a few months before they do the surgery so a little more waiting!

New braces are a lot of work!

Aidan is doing great with the braces. The only part that has been hard is that the braces in the back are hurting the inside of his cheeks. We’ve tried putting the wax on them but it wont stay, not really sure how I can help him with that. I put wadded up paper towels on them but that doesn’t work either. :( This morning he was reading about all the things he shouldn’t eat, it was more or less a list of all kinds of candy and junk food. He had never heard of most of them and the ones that he had heard of he would say, “don’t eat that except for on Halloween.” :) But now I think he’s thinking he’s been pretty deprived of all these other options, thanks for that! ;)

Doesn't he look like Eamon in this pic?

I’ve never really thought that Aidan and Eamon look very much alike but doesn’t Aidan look like Eamon in this picture?! :) Love my boys, so glad this process is started but will be glad when he gets through the scarier part!

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