You know your kids are homeschooled when…

…when you overhear your oldest child saying to his younger siblings, “okay, everyone get a piece of paper and pencil and go to the table, I’m going to teach you all how to draw 3D shapes,” and they all do as they are told.

Here he is, instructing them step by step how to draw a 3D square.

Aidan teaching the other kids how to draw 3D shapes :)

Here they are carefully following his detailed instructions.

Studious pupils

Connor is wondering why his final product looks nothing like his big brother’s, oh well. :)

Hmmm, how does he do that?

Aidan explained to me later that he showed them how to draw a square, a pyramid from the top view, a pyramid from the front view and then from the side view. The cool thing is that I didn’t teach him how to do any of these shapes, and I’m not even really sure where he learned them :) Fun times!

And Jack is wondering why he can’t eat the paper that his siblings are drawing on!

Hey! Why am I down here?!


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  1. Virginia says:

    Oh man, I can’t wait to get to the stage where my kids home-school each other! This is great!

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