Living on a budget…sometimes you get a lemon.

Chris and I, probably about 8 years ago, going for a ride in our Pathfinder :)

On the road again

Chris and I learned our lesson early on in our marriage, don’t go into debt over a car. We bought this Pathfinder and paid way too much for it and then had to sell it before it was paid off.  So our philosophy has been, only pay cash for a car. The result is sometimes you get a lemon, sometimes you get lucky :) We wanted to get a Honda for Chris because they are typically a really good car, we both had Honda’s when we were courting and those suckers seemed to last forever, okay they didn’t last forever otherwise we would still have them. So the last car we bought for Chris (two years ago this month) was a little Honda, and you know that car has broke down more than any of our other vehicles.

This morning, Chris drove it for the last time (most likely). It blew a head gasket on the way to work and it sounds like it’s going to cost more to fix it than we paid for it. SO…it looks like we will be buying another vehicle, sometime very soon.

I could get really bummed, every time we feel like we are getting ready to move forward we kind of get knocked back financially. But I know that my hope is not in my car, it’s not in the money my husband can provide our family, my hope isn’t in our health, or our ability to work hard and make money. Our hope is in the Lord, and I choose to rejoice in Him today.

I’m thankful. For my amazing husband, for health, for my seven beautiful children, for family and friends and church, for food to fill our tummies, for a home we can afford to pay for, for better days ahead. I’m thankful that we serve a kind and gracious God. And I’m thankful that we have one car that IS working, for the time being :) God is good.

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4 Responses to Living on a budget…sometimes you get a lemon.

  1. Kelley says:

    Randy and I are praying for the finances of Gods children…….you are part of it!! Don’t be moved God be glorified you will survive this! Kiss your Houseband ……NO STRESS……hug your babies……you Jenni are blessed!! I love you more!

  2. Vicky says:

    Yikes! We need a new car soon but neither of us have jobs. Sorry about your car. You’ve got such a positive attitude Jenni! Love you.

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